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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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e-Learning: Pupils' Perspectives

What are their views on how eLearning might impact on motivation, learning, roles of teachers, achievement and attainment?

Mark Bennison

Year of posting: 2003



E-learning is a term of the moment in the world of education. It boasts, at its core, an immense and growing plethora of technologies and techniques. In addition, there are almost as many views on the place of ICT in underpinning teaching and learning as there are teachers and other educational professionals. There are those who would like to refuse to bring a computer anywhere near their classroom and at the other extreme, those who would deliver all learning through these media. But what of the views of the clients? The pupils themselves.

This small scale study has engaged pupils in discussing many issues as varied as, for example, the present and future roles of teachers in e-learning environments and the potential for collaboration and research-based learning. As might be expected, there are no hard and fast conclusions yet to be drawn and pupils responses have raised as many questions as have been answered. However, it is clear that the Year 8 pupils at Chafford Hundred Campus approach their innovative new, highly connected school with a mixture of both excitement and trepidation. They value the hard work and input of their teachers and wish to see their roles change, rather than be eroded, by the implementation of newer technologies. They see value in a goal of working alongside teachers and learning support tutors as both their mentors and as fellow learners.


eLearning motivation pupils roles teachers

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