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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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A visual study of a remote 'traditional' mountain community

teaching resource/presentation using ICT

Stella Cattini-Muller

Year of posting: 2005


My aim is to develop an illustrated presentation to bring the essence of a remote place into the inner city classroom via ICT. This would be in the form of text and images of the lifestyle of 'montagnard' people who live and farm high up in a mountainous/hilly area of the Mandara Mountains in NE NIgeria. I would focus on the location of the area, terrace farming, crafts, pottery, traditions, religion etc and life and work for children etc,My aim would be to be educational /informative, create follow -up ideas for primary school use (maybe secondary also) make cross-curricula links &comparisons with other cultures, present and past (eg. iron age settlements-similarly structured houses) pottery making processes, crafts from raw/found materials. History:colonialism, slavery, independence, economic changes, market-led economy etc. Geography/Environmental: terrace farming, rain cycle, seasons, conservation, desertification/climate change, deforestation. Life for children: daily work, responsibilities, education (link to Dzga School) water/importance of ...links. This could be used as a starter for a number of topic areas I would attempt to make links (suggestions) to other sites where these ideas could be expanded.


diverse cultures images/text curricula links


This study brings together some strands of my post-mainstream teaching professional life and my present rather varied educational interests. One aspect of my present work, apart from supply teaching in special schools, is to raise funds for a learning project I set up in the mountains of NE Nigeria. I have given workshops in schools and although visually supported by slides, photos and artefacts I was only ever able to leave behind a few pictures. By doing this project, not only would the presentation possibly be online to be accessed by anyone interested in comparative cultures, but also I would have a resource to offer as a follow up if I give any talks in the future.

My personal learning through completing this project will be to access and develop more skills in using programmes to present images and text, creating a picture/slide show presentation. The use of computer technology gives me an opportunity to introduce a 'traditional community' to a much wider internet community using an educational stance. This will be a general study although I also would intend at a future date to create a specific piece about the development of the school in the hills.

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