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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Supply Teachers And Information Technology

To investigate to what extent supply teachers use Information Technology and participate in online discussion forums

Benjamin Semwayo

Year of posting: 2005


Information Technology is a very useful tool for conducting lessons and maintaining high levels of interest in the classroom, and professional discussion forums are very effective for staff-developing and in-servicing teachers. They also enable teachers to interact professionally and exchange views. I would like to establish supply teachers' IT skills and to find out to what extent they actually know about online discussion forums and participate in them.


supply teachers, Information Technology, participate, discussion forums


I have been a teacher for twenty-three years, having qualified as a teacher in 1980. I have been a Head of Deparment for about fifteen years and one of my responsibilities was to staff develop teachers in my department and develop materials for that purpose. I am currently studying computers and e-facilitation.Through the e-facilitation course I am doing I have learnt to participate in online forums and I have seen how valuable they are in promoting the effectiveness of teachers.

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