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Enriching the value of R&D for educators and companies in partnership

Professor Christina Preston, Dr Sarah Younie, Ros Asher.


 7th November 2014

BESA, British Educational Suppliers Association, 20 Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, London, E14 9XL  

In this workshop experienced BETT judges with varied backgrounds in research, teacher education, advisory work and teaching will discuss how companies can bridge the gap between their marketing and sales needs and the requirements of education and government.

The workshop has four aims:

  • to explore the characteristics of successful research funded by companies;
  • to investigate how evidence can be established to prove a link between products and services and learning achievement;
  • to consider why some companies win awards and others do not;
  • to build partnership that will attract funding from a variety of sources.

The programme will start at 1030 with coffee and finish at 1505 including a working lunch.

1030 – Arrive & coffee

1045 – Introduction to the Day – Dr Christina Preston

 smallchristina copy

1100 – 1200: A debate led by Professor Christina Preston and  Dr Sarah Younie

Chair: Ros Asher


Can company funded research into products and services ever be credible to educators?

 In this session we evaluate as a group examples of research funded by companies. This will include developing some research models that can provide evidence of methods of teaching and learning to improve achievement

 1200-1230 : A networking lunch



1230-1445: Investigating the Landscape

1230 – 1310: Christina Preston: What are the characteristics of quotable research? Including:

  • effective methodology
  • modes of effective publication
  • awards and accreditation for co-researchers
  • potential funding partnerships

1310 – 1350: Sarah Younie: Are there any credible research methods for relating products and services to learning achievement?

 1350 – 1405: Tea IMG_8204_web

 1405 – 1445: Rosalyn Asher: How to get the best out of entering awards for learners and companies.

 1445 -1505: Next Steps & Questions

Led by Dr Sarah Younie

Ros asher





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