Core Programmes

Our core programmes are:

  • Towards Etopia – strategies for research and evaluation by researchers and practitioners who investigate products and service to ascertain how they can be used to improve teaching and learning. The findings can be used for policy building and marketing purposes. Marketing can include elements like entries in the Fellowship newsletter and/or the publication of an ejournal volume dedicated to a specific subject and/or publication on the MirandaNet Fellowship site and/or a conference programme.
  • iCatalyst – accredited professional development programmes about digital technologies that engages the educational and commercial workforce in embedded systemic change. Company representatives who engage in the design, implementation and evaluation of action research in their own product or services can qualify for accreditation at certificate,  diploma, Masters or doctorate level.
  • Braided Learning – expertise in helping to build online communities of practice and developing strategies for online teaching and learning as means of sharing, recording and creating new professional theory and practice.
  • World Ecitizens – an international web publication and exchange service for schools that includes the Peace Room.

Previous project experience

Elapa: Digital Technologies in the Curriculum 2001-2004

Building a learning community

Free State province: South Africa

Visual Learning project: sharing interactive whiteboard practice 2005-2010 between teachers in China, England, South Africa and Mexico funded by Promethean and Inspiration

In the  classroom’:

Research Overview:

Case Studies on the MirandaNet site.

Overview for the Promethean Ambassadors project:

3. Evaluation of EU programme: SEN-NET – working with ICT professionals on building learning communities with senior citizens (2005-2007).

Partners: Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, England, Portugal, Slovakia.

4.The Bohdi community in India 2006-2012

A programme between India, Czech Republic and England.

Funded by the Podar Charity

5 . Living: Comic artists working with students Pupils at Hermitage Primary School have been working with Crisis on a ‘Comic Strip’ Project which makes fascinating reading. Crisis have made available some case studies of homeless people which are listed below and which have been inspirational to the children.

6. Stories for Children

A project is to encourage the development of the collaborative writing of bi-lingual stories, by working with students in another country. Examples from China and England.