Theo Kuechel

Theo Kuechel

Theo Kuechel

Theo Kuechel’s background is in teaching, (Art), he has been an ICT advisor and worked in industry.  Theo is an independent consultant, researcher and thought leader.

Expertise & Skills
Theo’s expertise is in digital literacy, new technology and social media.

Pedagogical Interests
Current research covers; online video, visual learning, digital archives, and how they integrate with the effective use of new technologies to enhance learning.

Recent Work
Theo has worked on major National and International digital projects including:

  • Edutube Plus multilingual EU video library.
  • Advising on an e-content strategy for Qatar.
  • Developing Naace ICT4Free CPD and Mirandanet Visual Learning courses.
  • JISC Newsfilm Online Archive.
  • MirandaMod development; UK & Greece.

Theo has recently given presentations and workshops in the UK, Austria, United Sates, Romania, Belgium, Qatar and Greece

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