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Christina Preston, MirandaNet's FounderThe MirandaNet Fellowship
The MirandaNet Fellowship, a non-profit making professional organisation established in 1992 by Christina Preston, works closely with over 800 members through an e-community of practice consisting of international ICT policy makers, teachers, advisers, teacher educators, researchers and commercial developers in over 70 countries. Becta called the MirandaNet Fellowship the Facebook of the international ICT community. UNESCO has called us the Robin Hood of professional development in digital technologies. This is because we find funders who will fund programmes in order to stimulate case study material - or we invite teachers to work on our research projects as co-researchers. The Fellowship leads as one of the most highly-regarded influencers in the use of digital technologies to enhance learning and for teacher education both in the UK and internationally, and provides a forum where professionals from different specialisms can share experience, expertise and philosophical approaches about how these digital technologies are best used in teaching and learning (see the E-Journal for more information). Members join for free as scholars. They are awarded a Fellowship when they publish an article about their specialisms (see the Fellowship for more information).

MirandaNet Fellows also publish in international journals with particular expertise in building knowledge online, innovative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes for the educational workforce and the effective use of digital technologies in the curriculum and for learning. A developing venture is the creation of MirandaMods. Using a range of sound, visual and mapping technologies, members collaborate on building a knowledge map of their expertise in a particular field to share on the web. Some of the topics are ICT CPD, Visual Learning, Mobile Learning and Educational Games. The Fellowship is non-profit making and supported by companies who develop projects with the members including small companies and multinationals like Apple, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Steljes and Oracle (see the Company Associates for more information).

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