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July 2007

New Fellow Steve Bunce describes two projects involving Data Logging and Voting Pads (ACTIVote). Have a look at 'A Sense of Murder: making datalogging interesting' and 'Kangaroo Court'.

May 2006

Terry Freedman's ICT in Education Website and Subscription Service
One of our members, who is also a MirandaNet Fellow, runs a vibrant website and two subscription services – one free, and one paid-for. We asked Terry Freedman to tell us about the subscription services, and the sort of people who have signed up to them. Follow this link to find out more, and to take advantage of a special offer to MirandaNet members.

October 2005

MirandaNet fellow Nigel Riley has produced some interesting work for the WE Citizens site. Nigel presented his ideas at the recent MirandaNet Seminar at the IoE (click here to download a zipped version of his PowerPoint Presentation 'Using online environments and collaborative e-learning with primary pupils'. In a parallel study through the DfES Best Practice Research Scholarship Nigel has been developing links between concept mapping and learning, and his interesting paper on 'Concept Mapping' is available as a downloadable zip file from the site (104K).

MirandaNet fellows Alice Tomic and Laura Lengel are two of the co-authors of 'Computer Mediated Communication: Social Interaction and the Internet', a book which offers students a task-based introduction to Computer- Mediated Communication and the impact of the internet on social interaction.

Follow this link for more information and to request an inspection copy.

August 2003

MirandaNet Fellow Mike Bostock gives a brief Case Study report on a school where every pupil has a laptop computer. There are some important findings which will interest members.

Mike's web site (www.new-media-learning.org) is alse well worth a visit.

March 2003

MirandaNet Fellow Carol Webb features on a very useful and interesting video clip about Tablet PCs in Greenwich and Kent which has just been published on the Microsoft UK Site. The video is well worth viewing, with fascinating details of how sixth formers have used this new technology. Millennium Primary School in Greenwich is also featured. There's a Word document to download as well with further information.

January 2003

MirandaNet Fellow Mike Bostock gives a brief Case Study report on a school where every pupil has a laptop computer. There are some important findings which will interest members.

Mike's web site (www.new-media-learning.org) is alse well worth a visit.

December 2002

Visit John Cuthell's Interactive Learning Website for Case Study reports on Interactive Whiteboards. There are four case study articles for you to download, and more information about the Promethean IWB project.

John is the leader of MirandaNorth - follow the links to read about the latest developments on MirandaNorth.

November 2002

Sarah Younie and Karen Cameron, have published a press release about their Web@Classroom Project. Follow this link to download the complete article (Word).

October 2002

Geoff Scott Baker, MirandaNet Fellows, presents some innovative ideas about using multimedia equipment in International Exchanges from work at Cheam School, Berkshire. Follow this link to download the complete article (Word).

September 2002

Lawrence Williams writes about an exciting and important project involving collaboration between students in the UK and NASA. Follow this link to download the complete article (Word).

August 2002

Digital Imaging in Schools Project
MirandaNet Scholar Alim Shaikh is the Project Coordinator for this digital imaging project in an EAZ. Working in partnership with the National Museum for Photography, Film and Television and sponsored by Kodak they set out to work with eight schools in exploring how digital photography might be used to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum. Follow this link to see the full report on the DFES site.

May 2002

MirandaNet fellow Anne Gilleran writes about her new School Managers Center at European Schoolnet. Go to her Publication Page to read all about this project, or follow this link to go to the School Managers Centre.

New MirandaNet Fellow David Thomas has published a report into the Effectiveness of Computer Supported Collaborative Working Environments in Promoting Meta-teaching. You can download the report here (Word).

April 2002

Lawrence Williams writes about a ground-breaking collaborative educational project, developed across three continents, and uniting students(aged 16) and teachers in practical scientific work. The New Learning Model (Word) aims to integrate the use of a number of ICT tools (the web, email, JPEG files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, digital cameras, video-conferencing equipment) into a coherent learning framework. This learning process and the use of ICT tools starts and ends with the web, forming a dynamic cycle of activity. The New Learning Model is actually content-free, (i.e. it is applicable to any curriculum subject) and the scientific content of this project was provided by Bristol University NASA.

January 2002

New Fellow, Jacky Elliott, describes an innovative project where her school has loaned computers and printers to students and their families living in the Northwood neighbourhood of Kirkby. Read her report on the Ruffwood @ Home project.

November 2001

Carol Webb, of Cornwallis School, has been to the Czech Republic to experience ITC the Czech way. Read her report on ICT in the Czech Republic.

October 2001

David Litchfield, Head Teacher at Castle View School in Sunderland, gives his personal and professional account of being a MirandaNet Fellow.

September 2001

MirandaNet fellows, Marion and Geoff Scott-Baker, have recently completed a primary curriculum exchange between the US and UK. Read about their experiences.

May 2001

Douglas Butler, a MirandaNet Fellow and Director of the ICT Training Centre at Oundle School, reports on a recent seminar tour of India and the use of technology in education.

April 2001

David Baugh, a new MirandaNet Fellow and winner of the Teaching Awards 2000 and the Becta ICT in Practice Awards 2001. He is a primary school teacher of about 5 years with previous experience in educational administration. His profile charts a case study on iMovie.

February/March 2001

Sue Heightman, a long-standing MirandaNet Fellow and Deputy Head at Tolworth Girls' School, has recently completed her research for her PhD on 'School-Based Research Into The Benefits of Using An Effective Learning Model In The Work of Mentors and Trainee Teachers At Tolworth Girls' School, A London Teacher Training School'. She is now in the process of writing it up the final two chapters of the thesis which will then be submitted for review. 

January 2001

Terry Freedman has written a free e-book on using computers in classrooms which contains nearly 200 pointers to good practice.

November/December 2000

Robert Ellis is an Assistant Principal at The Leigh CTC secondary school in Dartford and in October formed part of the MirandaNet delegation presenting to Ministers at the DfEE. He tells his personal story of change.

October 2000

Lis Greenwell last year awarded a MirandaNet scholarship, sponsored by Oracle. She has been working on developing the use of ICT in teaching physical education. Projects use various pieces of equipment from digital cameras to video input, providing insight into ICT resources which are effective for PE teachers.

September 2000

Lawrence Williams whose pupils had lessons in aeronautics 'live' from NASA scientists in Cleveland, Ohio, over their video-conferencing link between the USA and the UK

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