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NB: this is the MirandaNet Archive Site! Do not try to join here!


To join MirandaNet please go to the joining routine on the new MirandaNet site.


We are always pleased to welcome new members to MirandaNet. All members receive MirandaNews, a membership newsletter which generally goes out once a month, occasionally more frequently. Members can also send and receive messages on MirandaLink and debate issues in our Forums, and Scholars and Fellows can publish further information about themselves on the site as well as contribute to our Case Studies. Membership is free to bona fide educationists, but we ask for support from members representing companies and educational industries.

You can read more about these different kinds of members below, or go straight to our Joining Form where you can apply for Membership.


MirandaNet members - the first level of participation. Members can subscribe to the internal mail list to join in debates on ICT topics with other educators, receive the latest news and the e-zine. Members are invited to all the MirandaNet workshops, seminars, forums and conferences, are to use the World Ecitizens and Ejournal sites. Members have access to additional features on the site when they are logged in, such as additional publications, archives, the forum, and email links to other members.

You can join the MirandaNet Fellowship as a Member or Scholar depending on how much you want to put in and how much you plan to gain from membership. In particular we aim to reward what you already know and can do rather than inventing new hurdles for you to jump. We also want to celebrate any skills and knowledge you have in ICT which we may not even have guessed at yet. Any comments on improving our inclusive and celebratory membership strategy will be warmly received. Groups and young learners are welcome as well. A group has the status of a MirandaNet chapter. There are already 25 international MirandaNet chapters.

When you complete the joining form we ask for contact information which is not published on the site. We must have a valid email address as this is our only way of contacting you normally. Unless you tell us otherwise, your email address is included in the Newsletter which welcomes you to MirandaNet so other members can contact you directly. Apply now (Go to to join on our new site!)


Scholars enjoy all the Member advantages, but will normally have submitted at least 200 words about their ICT interests and practice in their Membership Profile. This first profile that you have written will be sent to the newsletter editor, so that it can be used to introduce you to other members. The editor will discuss this introduction with you if you wish. If your first language is not English you can send us notes which we will edit with pleasure. Scholars must publish their submission in their profile which is posted online. Apply now (Go to to join on our new site!)


We award a Fellowship to any Member or Scholar who writes a lengthier submission or a multimedia equivalent about the ICT work that you specialise in, especially a project. This article will be published via the Profile page (you need to log in for this) on the MirandaNet Case Studies; some items fit in better as a site feature, or on our publications page, and the editor will discuss with you the best place and format for publication if you like. These are the kinds of submissions you can make: research notes of work in progress for comments and suggestions, discussion papers about related topics, contributions to the MirandaNet ICT in education literature review, academic research papers summarised for practitioners, reviews of related books, software and other media, summaries of uses of ICT education. A word count of around 2,000 words presents a standard formula to help potential Fellows with length, but we are keen to accept contributions of varying lengths and in other media as well. Abstracts of 200/300 words of suggested contributions for the Ejournals will help us to help you. See the current list of Case Studies for guidance. If you have any further questions about the Fellowship or the profiles, please discuss them with Christina Preston by sending her an email ( ). Apply now (Go to to join on our new site!)

We also offer accreditation for practice-based research project at any level from Diploma to Masters from the MirandaNet Academy.


The Fellowship also has associates and partners from industry. These are companies involved in research projects using advanced technologies for teaching and learning. Industry sponsors are able to pilot new products and services using the expertise of the Fellows in education. Apply now (Go to to join on our new site!)

Free Advertising

Some people try to join just to get some free advertising. This always fails, except that the advertised site might get listed in my 'blacklist' of sites that should be avoided.

Joining Form for New Members (NB join at now)

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