Christina Preston, MirandaNet's FounderNuisance Organisations - do not use!

Unexpected attempts at joining or using MirandaNet
MirandaNet welcomes genuine members from all over the world, including those who make no pretence at being 'Scholars' but would just like to see our debates and find out more about the world of ICT in Education.

Sometimes educational companies try to join us to further their advertising base, and again this is welcome, but we do not allow blatant advertising slots under the guise of normal membership. We do of course have a section devoted to 'associates' where associate members may publish useful information about their products, but in return we ask for donations which help to keep us going.

Every so often there are some amazing attempts made by would-be joiners, and I have now decided to publish details of these people as a kind of 'negative' publicity. All MirandaNetters and indeed anyone reaching this page should be aware that these people use underhand methods to gain publicity and therefore should be shunned at all costs.

Scanning Google or Yahoo for a review or further information about many of these firms using additional search terms such as problem, problems, complaints, scam, avoid and so on will often turn up interesting results. I do hope I have helped a few more people from falling into their trap.

Of a rather different kind of nuisance:

And if anyone thinks they have been unfairly listed, perhaps because of unauthorised activity by a so-called SEO optimisation firm, I do remove links when asked nicely, especially if there is an apology.