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Lawrence Williams


Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects | Publications

Personal Statement


In 1998, Lawrence received a Japan Festival Award for creating “Kabuki Gift”, an international drama project, using video-conferencing, shown on BBC - Blue Peter programme.

In the 1999 National Teaching Awards, he received a Guardian Award for the Most Creative Use of ICT in Secondary Schools.

In November 2000, at the Presidential Conference in Paris, he represented Best ICT Practice in the UK on behalf of the DfES and BECTA.

In May 2001, he was invited to Buckingham Palace, by Her Majesty The Queen, to celebrate Achievement in Schools.

He has won two Rolls-Royce Science Awards, in 2007, and again in 2008, working this time with Professor Dan Sporea, in Romania.

In September 2008, the Visual Learning Project (see below) was awarded £1,000 by the Renton Foundation, to support the distribution of the materials created.

In March 2012, he was awarded the NAACE ICT Impact Award: Life Long Achievement

February 2013: MirandaNet Ambassador for World Peace

Project Endorsements

The Science Through Arts project was endorsed by the NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project, Cleveland, Ohio.  NASA scientists collaborated with The Holy Cross School from 2000 to 2007.

The Global Warming Project was endorsed (2008) by Professor Paul Ekins, a world authority on sustainable economies.

The Visual Learning Project on Healthy Eating has been endorsed by the Renton Foundation, who kindly provided financial support (see above)

ICT Interests

I believe that ICT provides teachers with an incredibly powerful set of tools for linking students together across the world. If children grow up sharing ideas about their cultures, and exploring new friendships by using ICT in innovative ways, they will not wish, when they are older, to wage war on those who were once their childhood friends.

Recent Projects

Japan 2000: Science, Creativity and the Young Mind in collaboration with Dr. Eric Albone, Clifton Scientific Foundation, at Bristol University. On-line science tutor: Joe Kolecki, with Ruth Petersen.

Science Through ARts(STAR) in collaboration with the NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project, Cleveland, Ohio. See Ruth Petersen and Joe Kolecki’s MirandaNet Fellowship Profiles. Following Federal budget cuts, this project has now moved to Taichung FSHS, Taiwan

Current work:

Stories for Children a multi-lingual, international, animation project (UK, China, Taiwan)

Visual Learning Project with Lorian Mead (NHS) and Lloyd Mead (FE) on Healthy Eating, for people with learning disabilities. Written in English and Korean, at present.

For the NHS: Keeping Safe (2008-2009)  This involves Holy Cross AS Level Media students, working with  Lambeth College students, who have been jointly commissioned to create a training video for the NHS, Kingston Primary Care Trust.

Wiith Taiwan: On-line English lessons integrating IP conferencing equipment and Interactive White Boards, for the teaching of English to Taiwanese students (2008-2009)

Currently developing Literacy from Scratch, at Brunel,  a response to the UK government initiative to introduce computer programming into Primary and Secondary Education. A collaboration with the Chales University in Prague, Faculty of Education. See


Lectures and presentations

Lawrence has been a Guest Lecturer

Lawrence has given presentations at conferences

He has been a frequent speaker on post-graduate courses at the Institute of Education, London, for MirandaNet, where he is an Academic Fellow and Work-based Learning Fellow, and where he also holds the first International Peace Fellowship;


Reisling, E and Davies, G (eds.) (2000) EDICT 2000 Östereichische Computer Gesellschaft Videoconferencing – UK and Japan

The Czech Republic
(All of these papers are posted on this web site) Vosatka, K. (1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000) Poskole, papers of the Czech Technical University and the Charles University, Prague Cernochova, M. (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007) Poskole papers (as above)

Japan (Holy Cross projects as exemplar material)
Mizukoshi, T. (1998) Unique Educational Methodologies in Foreign Countries, Tokyo:

National Computer Education Centre; National Computer Education Centre\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s guidelines for Head Teachers throughout Japan Murakawa, M.(1998)

Exhortation towards a Cross-Curricular Learning Model, Japan Educational Publishing Tanaka, H and Yamagiwa, M. (1999)

How to Create Integrated Studies, Meiji Tosho Mizukoshi, T. and Yoshizaki, S. (2000)

Practical Guides to Cross-Curricular Project Work, Gakken Tanaka, H. (2000)

Creating Human Networks, Meiji Tosho

 And in many Japanese educational magazines.

Syslo, M.M. (1998 and 1999) Informatyka w Szkole XIV, Stosowanie narzedzi techologii informacyjnej i komunikacyjnej w projektach miedzyprzedmiotowych and XV, Wideoconferecja – droga zabawka Ministry of Education, Poland

The United Kingdom
Leask, M. and Pachler, N. (1999, and Second Edition 2005) Learning to Teach Using ICT in the Secondary School, Routledge;

Using the Internet as a Teaching and Learning Tool (with Norbert Pachler) and Whole School Approaches- Integrating ICT across the Curriculum (with Marilyn Leask) Milosevic, L. (1999)

School Improvement in the UK, British Council, Case Study - UK - Japan; Leask. M. (2001)

Issues Related to Using ICT, Routledge ICFT: Information, Communication and Friendship Technology: Philosophical issues relating to the use of ICT in school settings; and Videoconferencing across the curriculum

UK and Japan: Bridging the Millennium, Bridging the Countries: Anglo-Japanese Concerns II, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation 2000, Everett, C.H.D. (2000)

Television and Radio
His pupils’ work has been seen on television programmes made by:

the BBC “Blue Peter” Japan Special

Anglia TV “Connect: ICT on TV”

NHK, Japan “Media and Education” series (twice) 

EBS, Korea, “The Educational Use of ICT in the UK”

Macedonian National, and cable TV

and heard in an Austrian radio interview.

Publications on-line:  Most papers are posted here on MirandaNet, with some on Poskole (Czech Republic), and on the SSAT and iNet web sites. 

Student publications on-line: We are also developing a library of pupil learning outcomes, here on MirandaNet, as exemplar material.  From the home page, see:

Resources -  Cross-curricular Projects

For links to other resources, see Google: Lawrence Williams MirandaNet

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