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MirandaNet Fellowships are awarded to MirandaNet Members and Scholars who have contributed studies or projects. These are either published via one of the EJournals, or are to be found detailed in dedicated areas of the site.

Many of our Fellows continue to contribute to MirandaNet, and Christina Preston wants to acknowledge and recognise these contributions by awarding a Senior Fellowship to these people. To this end, she has begun a series of interviews with existing Fellows, and these interviews will be published here when the Senior Fellowship is awarded.

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Taking MirandaNet to Free State, South Africa, and beyond:
Christina Preston interviews Andrée Jordan, October 2007
(see Andrée's profile)

alt : Andree Jordan

Joining The MirandaNet Fellowship

Membership is free. Fellowships are awarded to scholars who add to the MirandaNet knowledge base through web publication of a 2,000-word peer-reviewed case study and by presentations at conferences and seminars. Any professional is welcome to join as a scholar if she or he is committed to the use of advanced technologies in the transformation of teaching and learning.

For more information, look at the How to Join section, or email .

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