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Welcome to the MirandaNet Graphics Discussion Area

The MirandaNet Web Graphics Discussion Area was set up by Francis Howlett in 2003, following a request from Maulfry Worthington for a web space where teachers and educators could view children's work and share their comments in a forum. As far as we know, this method of asynchronous elearning using web-based images in conjuntion with a web-based forum has not been attempted before. Examples of children's very early mathematical markings and drawings were digitised and placed in this web space, whilst the particapting teachers commented on the individaul items using the forum. The ground-breaking feature of this area is the ability to have a floating image for the participants to look at whilst posting their comments in the forum.

Project 2003, carried out as its name suggests largely in 2003, was the first elearning and children's mathematics project. It has now finished, and a second project is starting up linking teachers in the UK and the Netherlands.

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