MirandaNet presence in the UK and throughout the World

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In addition to regional branches of MirandaNet in the UK, MirandaNet has a number of members and fellows from overseas, including members in Europe, Central Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Some of these members have established regional branches of MirandaNet that adapt the model to the local culture, customs and language. You can explore some of these regional and international links using the menu on the left.

If you explore the list of members you will find details of Fellows and Scholars in all the constituent parts of the United Kingdom, as well as Eire, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Chile, China, The Czech Republic, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.

One of our projects, Web@Classroom, was truly international with participants in Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Click here for more information.

MirandaNet Fellows have also been active in NASA's exciting Science Through ARts (STAR) project. Follow this link to a separate section all about this project.

MirandaNet Fellow Sylvia Rojas-Drummond, for a while at Bristol University and now back in Mexico, has contributed a fascinating description of the “Learning Together” project.

New colleagues have joined MirandaNet through the Bodhi Community Project based in India. Indian teachers, mentored by MirandaNet Fellows are working with colleagues in the Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England and Zimbabwe.

Ben Semwayo from Zimbabwe is setting up the first MirandaNet chapter for Zimbabwean educaors who are debating what kind of information and resources they need from their MirandaNet colleagues.

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