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Francis Olabampe, a relatively new MirandaNet Scholar, is Coordinator of Crab Island Upper Basic School Computer Training Center, Banju, La Gambia, Africa. Francis has set up two MirandaNet African Chapters. Kora: see http://www.coraconnection.com

He may be contacted on

KORA Chapter, The Gambia

Kora is the name of a very popular Gambia musical instrument.

More information on Kora is found on: www.coraconnection.com

MOREMI Chapter, Nigeria

Moremi is the name of a famous women in Nigerian history. She was a beautiful woman who made a vow to the deity of the river Esinminrin. She would make any sacrifice to free her people from the continuous raids and plundering from a terrifying being that kept ravaging the river. She succeeded in her plan and had to fulfil her vow. She was asked to sacrifice her son. In her honour, there is celebration of Odun Edi/Moremi festival held yearly in Ile-Ife, the cradle of Yoruba Civilization and the mythical cradle of the Universe. She was a heroine indeed.

These chapters are starting a project on Citizenship in Early Childhood Education in some selected schools. Francis will be doing this with a new member, Elizabeth Mboge, who has been in early childhood education. They will be extending the same project to post secondary schools later. Other proposed projects are, The Impact of ICT on our Educational System, Citizenship Development for the Culture of Peace, Training in Selected post primary schools and the use of ICT for acculturation.

We are hoping to raise funds for the Africans to visit MN schools in England. You will also hear more in the newsletter.

South Africa

Tina in South AfricaIn November 2003, Christina Preston (Founder and Chair of MirandaNet), Mara Chrystie, (Former Head and Primary eLearning consultant, MirandaNet) and Mark Bennison, (Assistant Head and Secondary eLearning consultant, MirandaNet) visited Bloemfontein in the Free State of South Africa to consult with the Provincial Government of the Free State (Education Department) on the cross phase implementation of eLearning. You can read Christina's reflections on this visit here: 'Creating World Ecitizens in South Africa'.

An illustrated report of this visit can be found on Mark Bennison's site.

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