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MirandaNet has established strong links with colleagues in Japan, in particular through links established by Lawrence Williams at the Holy Cross Convent School in Kingston upon Thames. Current projects include Japan2000, a collaborative Internet and video conferencing development with the Ikeda Junior High School in Osaka, Japan.

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On the left you can see the Ikeda School String Quartet playing to the Holy Cross School Choir, who are seen enjoying a different part of the concert via the 55 inch monitor (with camera on the top of the monitor) in the picture on the right. Click on either picture to see the pictures in full (204KB and 329KB).

Hiro Tanaka (MirandaNet International Scholar) of the Osaka Kyoiku University, has been busy creating a parallel site to our MirandaNet case studies. It is called the Global School Network. Follow the links below for the case studies - viewing them in English is probably easier than reading the Japanese Kanji ... (seriously - you don't need to install Japanese characters to view these pages, but you might need to click on the 'English' button in the Language box at the top of the page).

Drama Link:

International Music-making:

International Charity Concert for UNICEF:

International debate on 'Women in Society'

You can read more about Lawrence William's work in his publications, in particular the following PDF papers:

Download free Acrobat reader

Exploring the integration of, and interaction between, the new ICT Tools, to support learning (PDF file 5 pages)

The Creative Use of the Internet and Related Technologies (PDF file 9 pages)
Longer version of a piece published in the Routledge book

Connecting schools and pupils: to what end? Philosophical issues relating to the use of ICT in school settings (PDF file 6 pages)

Video-conferencing in Schools (PDF file 8 pages)


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