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Poland and MirandaNet

Ana on the left, Ewa on the right
Ewa Kolcyk on the right, with friend Ana (from Spain) in Vilnius

Links between MirandaNet and Poland were established thanks to the Czech ICT Conference, Poskole. We have visited the Poskole conference many times since 1998. We met there Christina Preston, and Lawrence Williams. Lawrence was twice in Poland as a guest of our conference “Informatics in School”, and he lectured at our Institute. We found our contacts very fruitful. Lawrence’s experience and ideas have been an inspiration for our thinking about cross-curricular projects with ICT in schools. These ideas are alive, and still are working in our books, in our teacher training, and in our classes for students.

We have been Fellows of MirandaNet since 2000. We are working together in the Institute of Computer Science (University of Wroclaw, Poland)

Ewa Gurbiel
Ewa Kolczyk
Helena Krupicka

Ewa Kolczyk (see picture) has recently (Nov 06) published a study of the new Polish Informatics Matura Examination, which contains a comparison with the equivalent Information Technology AS/A level exam in the UK.

Abstract. One element of the recent educational reform in Poland is the qualification system, which consists of several types of external examinations. The results of the Matura examinations, taken at the end of secondary education, are now replacing entrance examinations to universities, and to other institutions of higher education. The informatics Matura examination, considered as an outcome of the secondary curriculum, and as a regulation for informatics education, could play a significant role in the process of improving school education in this discipline. We decided to compare computing A-level examination in England with the informatics Matura examination in Poland. The comparison is conducted on different levels: subject criteria, scheme of assessment, examples of tasks, examiners reports.

Download the full paper "Informatics Matura in Poland" (PDF 45KB)

Lawrence adds: The Polish team are the most talented and the most hard-working group known to me. They write the students’ books, write the teachers’ manuals, train the teachers, and develop the software. I am very proud to know them, and to work with them.

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