MirandaNet presence in the UK and throughout the World

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MirandaNet is fortunate to have some interesting links with the USA. MirandaNet Fellow Professor Niki Davis, Iowa State University and the Institute of Education, London, who specialises in teachers' learning, is the president of SITE which is like ITTE for teacher educators in the UK. Niki has spoken at a number of our seminars and conferences, and has supported the Web Wise Wapping project.

Another MirandaNet fellow, Lawrence Williams, has set up some interesting links between his school and NASA. You can read about some of these projects on his profile page. You can also download the NASA Poskole Report (Word) which was delivered in the Czech Republic! and deals with the Japan 2001 Science, Creativity and the Young Mind Workshop held at Bristol University (which was held in the UK!), in July, 2001, and which gives details of collaboration between NASA and one of the teams at the Workshop. You can visit the NASA Website to see the outcome of this project.

Finally, you will want to look at the separate section covering Lawrence's involvement in NASA's exciting Science Through ARts (STAR) project.

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