The future of learning series (2)

Integrating 21st century skills into the classroom

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March 1st 1630-1930

“I am absolutely committed to ensuring that our school system not only prepares pupils for this changing world, but also embraces the technological advances which are transforming education “.  Michael Gove, 2011

The Seminar
The Big Picture: Chris Yapp
Visual Learning and Digital Literacy:  Theo Keuchel; John Cuthell
Using Video as a curriculum tool: Leon Cych
Can every student hear? Learning and Hearing: Roger Turner
Using Skype in learning contexts: Glenys Hart
Mapping concepts collaboratively: Christina Preston

The Workshop

Mapping concepts: building and sharing collaborative knowledge
Andrea Raiker and Christina Preston

Some joined the MirandaMod through Flashmeeting.

You can watch the replay of some of the Flashmeeting. You can also read transcripts of two chat streams: the Flashmeeting Transcript and the Livestream chat.

Participants also helped to build a resource about the topic for others to share using the map below.

Integrating 21st Century Skills into the classroom

Many thanks to Grant Chaney and Haydn Robson, students at the University of Bedfordshire, for their technical support during the session.