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The Future of Learning

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The MirandaMod is a continuing professional development workshop that is free to all teachers who want to develop the potential of digital technologies in learning. This first one in the academic year, 2011-2012, was held on 30th November 2011 at the University of Bedfordshire.
Dr Chris Yapp shared with teachers and student teachers the research for his new book about the design for future education. Chris is exploring the ways in which technology might be used in a productive way at an organisational scale and in whole school development to improve the learning experience of pupils.

One of the teachers who attended the live workshop said, “I was amazed by Dr Yapp and his thoughts on the future of ICT in schools. I really liked the idea of the school being used out of hours, for the community and totally agree this is a potential way forward.

I also really loved the fact the learning should be personalised. Pupils would get so much more out of education if it was streamlined to their needs. I am looking forward to being part of a community moving-forward in which ICT can be used so much more effectively not only in schools but in the wider community too”.

Teachers’ resources

You can view a number of resources from this meeting: a summary of the meetings:  the Flashmeeting and its outputs, the MindMeister concept map, the slides of the presentation and photos of the event.

The FlashMeeting:

For the FlashMeeting one of the participants is identified as MMShift2. One of the technologies of the MirandaMod involves using a link to the FlashMeeting though a computer and camera in the face-to-face session. This enables participants who are unable to be present to view the meeting, to comment and to ask questions of the speakers. This extends the liminal space for learning.

Here you can view the minutes of the FlashMeeting.

MindMeister Concept Map

During the evening – and after – contributors from across the country built this concept map. It reflects Chris Yapp’s presentation, questions and comments from all the participants, and reflections after the event.

Shift2: Pervasive Learning: Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century

There are two versions of Chris’ presentation that you can access. One is a movie; the other is the PowerPoint presentation. You might want to open these in a new tab.

Here is the movie:
Bedford MirandaMod 2011 CGY

Here is the PowerPoint presentation:
Bedford MirandaMod 2011 CGY

During the evening many people followed the proceedings on Twitter, using the hashtag #MMShift2. You can view the Twitter stream here:

Shift 2 Twitter stream