Teachers as Bloggers

MirandaMod, 19th June 2009

This proved to be as lively a Mod as ever, and you can now view a streamed video recording of the event.

You can view it, along with other videos, on Blip.TV:


or simply use our own embedded version (which has a button to allow full screen viewing):


Teachers as Bloggers: 19th June

There are three parts to this participative CPD experience. Participants can attend all three to gain a wide overview of blogging, or just one or two of the sessions, either in London or online. The aim is to conclude with a collaborative resource that will help other teachers to understand the blogging landscape.

Part One

1400 – 1600 hrs (GMT) MirandaMod 1: teachers as bloggers : Chaired by Terry Freedman; Ray Fleming will be talking about his blogging experience supported by MirandaNet bloggers to include Daniel Needlestone, Terry Freedman, Joe Nutt and Leon Cych (see the MirandaNet blog roll). The uses of blogging in classroom will be a key focus. Participants will be invited to contribute to a collaborative concept map about blogging issues for teachers.

Part Two

1600 – 1800 hrs (GMT) Workshop on blogging : this will be an opportunity to work with experienced bloggers on a range of practical issues like setting up a blog, the best software, technical tips, getting to the top of the search engine list, getting readers and personal safety. Bring your own laptop.

Part Three

1800 – 2100 hrs (GMT) MirandaMod 2: should teachers be blogging? Chaired by Terry Freedman. The session will look at teachers’ perspectives on blogging issues like personal safety and creative freedom.

The last 30 minutes will be spent building a collaborative concept map of the blogging landscape for other teachers.