The First MirandaMod

First MirandaMod at the IoE July 2008

This opening MirandaMod was very well attended, and discussions covered the following topics:

  • World eCitizens – presentations that involve a ‘global dimension’ towards helping improve the world
  • Inspiration – sharing what inspired you, or things that you think can be used to inspire others
  • ‘Classroom’ practice – presentations showing how you have applied technology in professional practice in the classroom or workplace
  • Collaboration – collaborative projects you may have set up or be involved with
  • Challenges – challenging others to take a role in moving learning forward or the challenges of moving learning forward
  • Inclusion – addressing how technology may be used to help to bridge the many ‘Digital Divides’ – e.g technological, cultural, geographical, social and financial
  • Desert Island Tools – the tools we’d use on a desert island (with high speed Wifi access; of course!)

You can find a recording of the complete MirandaMod at