The Internet, Web 2.0 and Cognition

One World, One Web (click for larger image)MirandaMod,
Friday 24th September 2010

Pan-Hellenic Conference on ICT in Education, Korinthos, Greece

A very successful MirandaMod was held at this conference in Greece.

Preston, Leon Cych and Theo Kuechel ran the session from the 7th Pan-Hellenic
Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education. People from across the world joined in through the Flashmeeting and were able to view the video stream that Leon broadcast through

Video from the session will soon be available to view.

The debate kicked off with ‘Socrates said writing would destroy human thinking processes: are the Internet and Web 2.0 having a more profound effect on cognition?’.

Debates on MirandaLink had already opened up this issue. They can be read at:

A concept map with key points and contributions was available for all

The mindmeister concept map can also be viewed (or downloaded) here:

The Flashmeeting archive can be viewed here:

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MirandaMod at the Pan-Hellenic Conference on ICT in Education

Friday 24th September 18:00 – 21:00 (local time in Greece) which is 16:00 – 19:00 (Local time in the UK) or 15:00
– 18:00 (GMT/UTC)

Socrates said writing would destroy human thinking processes: are the Internet and Web 2.0 having a more profound effect on cognition?

Chair: C. Preston: Lead speaker, A. Jimoyiannis:

MirandaNet team: T. Kuechel, L. Cych

We welcome your contribution on this theme and offer the suggestions below:

  • Can Web 2.0 really change the way we learn?
  • Should textbooks still have
    value in a 21st Century educational system?
  • Is the school day on the way
  • Should there a place for social media in class?
  • Is the Internet increasing
    our capacity to think collaboratively?

If you wish to make a short presentation please add your name to speaker list
in the MirandaMod wiki (details below) and include the title of your talk and
name. Sign up for a talk of between 2 – 5 minutes. All participants should
add the titles of their contribution, together with email and website links.

Participation details

The 7th Pan-Hellenic Conference with International Participation “ICT in Education” (HCICTE 2010) is the official scientific conference of the Hellenic Association of ICT in Education (HAICTE) which aims to address the main issues of concern within ICT in Education and e-Learning.

2010 covers technological, pedagogical, organizational, instructional, as well as policy aspects of ICT in Education and e-Learning. Special emphasis is given to applied research relevant to educational practice guided by the educational realities in schools, colleges, universities and informal learning organizations. In a more generic scope, the Conference aims to encompass broader issues determining ICT integration in practice, including
learning and teaching, curriculum and instructional design, learning media and environments, teacher education and professional development, assessment and evaluation, etc.