The role of communities of practice in teaching and learning

MirandaModsMirandaMod, 22nd September 2009

The role of communities of practice in teaching and learning

Chaired by Terry Freedman

With Etienne Wenger

16:00 MirandaMod ran a seminar in this first part of the programme, with contributions from a number of speakers, including Ingemaar Svenson, Ove Jobring and Etienne Wenger.

18:30 In the second part of the MirandaMod a Flash meeting, reaching out to members across the UK, USA and Europe was combined with a video stream and a MindMeister collaborative concept map. A number of practitioners gave presentations of between 2 and 7mins on formal and informal Communities of Practice experiences

Etienne Wenger20:00 In the final part of the meeting Etienne Wenger ( discussed communities of practice with MirandaNetters: those in the room and those following
on FlashMeeting, Twitter and the concept map.

The networked multi-authored concept maps were used to build up a picture of our professional knowledge, as well as looking at the next moves for communities of practice.

What technology did we use?

Leon Cych produced a video stream that went through Twitcam and

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We used MindMeister, a collaborative online concept map – a tool that we’ve used now for a few months. This is the MindMeister map that we are developing:

MindMeister Map - click to see full size

You can click on the map image to enlarge it.

One of the other tools that we use for a MirandaMod is FlashMeeting.
This means that people who are unable to be present at the event can view
the proceedings and contribute to the meeting. This session involved colleagues
from across the UK, as well as from across the United States and Europe.

Access the MirandaMod Communities of Practice FlashMeeting

Slide Presentations used during the meeting