Visual Learning

MirandaMod, November 2008

The theme for this second MirandaMod, also held at the Institute of Education, London, was Visual Learning. You can view some of the presentations below.

Round Table Discussion: Visual distractions from deep learning?

Dr. John Cuthell, Christina Preston, MirandaNet , Vanessa Pittard, Becta & Rachel Jones, Steljes

Some researchers believe that visual technologies in classrooms are simply for entertainment, providing a light interlude between lessons designed to achieve deep learning, and might even distract from the serious business of schools. In contrast, some experienced practitioners believe that deep learning today cannot take place without the use of technologies to support visual learning. How best can we reconcile these two points of view?

1 Drew’s Introduction

2 Christina’s Introduction (introduced by Drew, hence his cheery picture once more! In addition, a small spelling mistake has crept into the text on this video: Christina is reading from a text written by Vanessa Pittard, not Prittard.)

3 Dai Barnes – Mind Meister

4 Tom Barrett

5 Dai Barnes – Alice

6 Rachel Jones – Steljes (apologies for wrong thumbnail)

7 Daniel Needlestone

8 Steve Kennewell

8 Manos

10 Katya Toneva