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MirandaModsMirandaMod, Tuesday 8th December 2009

Mobile learning, handheld learning?’ What do we mean?

Tuesday 8th December 2009
WLE Centre and Online

Seminar and round table: 1600 – 1800

MirandaMod: 18:00 – 21:00

The presentations during the seminar considered the issues of mobile and handheld learning from four key perspectives: the different mediums in which learning now takes place informally; the value to teachers of digital resources; the scholarly underpinnings of this developing area and the influence of companies on the directions taken by schools in implementing the associated hardware and software. In the MirandaMod that followed Elizabeth Hartnell-Young joined the debate from New Zealand. Other contributors came from across the United Kingdom. Two of the conclusions were that: to make mobile and handheld learning worth the investment there needed to be significant changes in classroom practice and assessment; and, as a profession we still do not know enough about the process of collaborative knowledge creation online.

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