MirandaMod at the ITTE Conference

MirandaMod Workshop to be held on July 9th 2013 during the ITTE Conference, before the River Boat Dinner which will be at 19:30.

Full details of this event will be posted later. The provisional title is “Left out of the ‘Computing’ curriculum”.

MirandaMod Workshop at the Education Innovation Conference

MirandaMod Workshop
Collaborative Learning Online

Manchester 9th March 11:30-12:30

Professional development that embraces digital innovations in learning

This workshop is being held as part of the Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition in Manchester Central, 8-9 March 2013

A MirandaMod workshop led by the MirandaNet Fellowship, in Central 8 Seminar Room


In this workshop we will work with teachers to explore the value of three different ways of digital learning, helping them to understand what is possible in the world that most pupils already inhabit.

These three approaches have been developed over three decades by teachers and researchers who are members of the MirandaNet Fellowship, a professional organisation that focuses on the value of innovative technologies in teaching and learning.

  • Informal collaborative learning online: Dr Christina Preston, Professor of Educational Innovation, MirandaNet Fellowship and University of Bedfordshire;
  • Twitter as creative social activity in professional learning: Dr Matthew Pearson, MirandaNet Fellowship;
  • The Creative and Innovative use of the Visual in Learning: Theo Kuechel, Senior Fellow, MirandaNet Fellowship.

During the session we will work with participants to begin building an online collaborative concept map, capturing information on these topics on which professionals can build.

With support from:

Light Speed Life Long Learning Programme Iris Connect

Previous events:

November 5th 2012 MirandaMod 1700 – 1830

Exploring Educational Futures: linking digital technologies, grassroots practice and the making of policy

Full details can be found here.

Here are the details of the Flashmeeting for the November 5 MirandaMod:

“A booking has been made for 05-Nov-12 at 16:30 (GMT +0000) and lasting 119 minutes.
This booking is for 25 people to use the application FlashMeeting.

Go to the following address for full details and to access the event:

A .ics calendar file can be downloaded prior to the meeting from the above address.

Although guest entry is available into the meeting, attendees who do not already have an account may wish to create one prior to the meeting so that they can Sign In to the meeting and have access to all the meetings features etc. A link to create a Sign In account is available via the meeting web page.”

You’ll see that I have booked it to start 30 minutes before the MirandaMod is due to kick off. It will give you time to upload any files you wish to use, familiarise yourself with the functionality, and so on. You can also set up your own account if you don’t already have one.

Those of you want to present let me know and I’ll put you into the schedule. Aim for a 10-minute presentation slot. I hope to have a live stream sorted out as well. Bear in mind the time-lapse between live streams and Flashmeeting, and the clash between the speakers and microphone on your computer. These then relay themselves to everyone through an ever-worsening loop. Some of you may remember the problems that we had in an earlier MirandaMod last November. Use a headphone/microphone setup and you’ll avoid that problem. As will we.

University of Bedfordshire
May 3rd, 1300-1530 Room P1.20

A workshop: An ‘un’ what? How to run an unconference.

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May 3 2012 1630-1930 Room P0.33
MirandaMod Three

Assessing the value of physical and virtual spaces in enriching learning.

View the concept map.

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June 8 2012

Prague, Czech Republic

What do learners need to know about digital technologies?

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