Image by Theo K

MirandaMods BETT12 in association with World Ecitizens.

January, 11th – 14th,  Olympia, London Gallery One, Grand Hall Gallery

There were two professional development sessions each day in the form of live workshops in Gallery One, Grand Hall Gallery, which was also open all day for networking. Tony Parkin has written  An Introduction to the MirandaMod Sessions at BETT12

You can find details of the sessions here.

Many thanks to the students from the University of Bedfordshire who trained to use the MirandaMod unconference technologies and support the MirandaMod. Their bios can be found here.

More about the live workshops

These live workshops, called MirandaMods, are participant-driven events that equally involve all the educators, parents and carers who attend, not just the main speakers. The next ones are on March 1st and May 3rd.

Invited experts and organisations briefly explain the themes for the session from their own perspective. Each contributor  speaks  for between 2 to 5 minutes outlining their key points. Presentation software is not encouraged, in order to promote engagement with the audience, but accompanying resources will be allocated space in the Professional Knowledge Hub so that more detail can be stored.

MirandaNet Fellows explain the principles of a live workshop and, in particular, how all participants can enter their thoughts and comments into a collaborative Knowledge Hub as the debate progresses.