World-wide educational innovation (1)

In typical MirandaMod style at BETT 2012, a host of technologies were in use. These included live mind-mapping, live video-streaming, and a twitter stream, with large Smartboards displaying these back into the room. MirandaNet regulars John Cuthell, Theo Kuechel and Leon Cych, with the help of Matt Pearson from Smart, kept all the plates spinning.

Read Tony Parkin’s account of the session. Raising the achievement of pupils who are not reaching their full learning potential

Using MindMeister
The interactions in the MirandaMod and the FlashMeeting are further augmented by the use of MindMeister, a collaborative mapping tool being used to create and store knowledge created in real time. During the sessions at BETT12 – and after – contributors from across the country built this concept map.
During the sessions people followed the proceedings on Twitter, using the hashtag #MMAfA.

MirandaNet would like to thank the students from the University of Bedfordshire, who provided invaluable technical support for the team throughout the sessions. Their details can be found here.