31.01.13. Events in the MirandaLounge: MirandaNet at BETT13

Many thanks for the annual support of our associate companies who have made this event possible: Classroom Communications, Follett, IRIS Connect and LightSpeed. Also the  BETT13 associates: GEBOL; Group Call; Oracle; Steljes; My Knowledge Map; Texas Instruments; Outstream; and, TSM workshops. ‘Drop in’ demos were run between sessions by Light Speed, IRIS-Connect, My Knowledge Map and KO-SU.

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Thursday 31st January

Professional Development about ICT and underpinned by ICT.

Enhanced CPD through video technology

Andy Newell: IRIS Connect

Teaching Schools and Technology

Bob Harrison National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services

Twitter for enhanced CPD

Andy Mellor – NAHT

MirandaMod: What makes a good ICT professional development programme?

Led by Rachel Jones (Education Director, The Elliot Foundation) and Catherine Howard (Head of Training & Consultancy, Steljes), Dr John Cuthell, Director, MirandaNet and Dr Christina Preston, Founder of MirandaNet, and Professor of Educational Innovation, University of Bedfordshire.

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About MirandaMods

“One way of visualising the MirandaMod method of working together in Web 2 is to compare it to the growth of a rhizome, a plant stem that sends out roots and shoots that allow the plant to propagate itself through organic growth into the surrounding habitat.” 

MirandaNet Lounge abstracts and presentations.

Powering Learning BETT13

January 30th – 2nd February
Excel Centre, Royal Docklands,
London, E16 1DR