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Workshops in Australia and New Zealand, March 2013

Re-engineering Education: a call for collective action

A series of Workshops to be held from Monday 18th March to Wednesday 27th March at the following locations in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. Monday 18th March: Australian Council for Educational Research, Melbourne, Australia
  2. Tuesday 19th March: Melbourne, Australia
  3. Wednesday 20th March: Wollongong, Australia
  4. Thursday 21st March: Sydney, Australia
  5. Friday 22nd March: Hamilton, New Zealand
  6. Monday 25th March: Brisbane, Australia
  7. Wednesday 27th March: University of Canterbury, Christchurch,
    New Zealand

Each session will comprise three separate workshops as follows:

Workshop One: Opportunities for new academic practice using the EdComms environment (www.educationcommunities.org)*

For all staff: one hour

This workshop will focus on how academics are using online communities of practice environments to improve the significance and impact of their research. In the UK assessment of the quality of academic research to be carried out in 2013, new criteria have been introduced which relate to impact and reach of the research. *UK Research Excellence Framework Criteria for the 2013 research assessment exercise.

Workshop Two: MESH Mapping Educational Specialist knowHow - Ensuring school teaching is an evidence based profession

For education professionals: one hour

Ensuring school teaching is an evidence based profession - meeting the OECD challenge for effective knowledge management in school-based education.This workshop will focus on new ways of working and opportunities for international collaboration through MESH - The Mapping Educational Specialist knowHow project (www.meshguides.org)

Workshop Three: Join the Translational Research Community - experience writing a MESH map of your research or research you know of which needs translating into practice

For education professionals: one hour

Translating academic research reports into MESHGuides for learners, teachers, trainee teachers and policy makers can be relatively quick for those who have their research at their fingertips. At the end of this workshop, you will have the top level structure for a MESHGuide in a specialist area. Groups of educators wishing to work on an area of common interest are welcome. If you don’t have research of your own, then if you bring a major research
report which has influenced you you will be able to turn it in to a MESHGuide.

We welcome developers of MESHGuides which focus on threshold or troublesome concepts, on areas which give learners most difficulty and on areas which are most likely to make a difference to student attainment.

Read more about these programmes here: www.mirandanet.ac.uk/researchexchange/articles/3223-2/
And another piece here: www.mirandanet.ac.uk/researchexchange/about-the-team/education-communities/


Marilyn Leask
Professor of Knowledge Management
University of Bedfordshire
MirandaNet Fellowship

Christina Preston
Professor of Educational Innovation
University of Bedfordshire
MirandaNet Fellowship

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