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19 November 2014

November 2014 Autumn Newsletter


30 June 2014

June 2014 Newsletter


28 April 2014

Spring 2014 Newsletter


23 February 2014

Welcome to New Members and Site Information

February 2014

19 May 2013

Might be Spring Newsletter 2013


5 March 2013

Nearly Spring News Letter

Newsletter Headlines

14 December 2012

MirandaNet Winter 2012 Newsletter

27 July 2012

MirandaNet Summer 2012 Newsletter

Next activities

Reports and resources from activities

MirandaLink debates

MirandaNet Associates

Research opportunities

15 December 2011

MirandaNet December Newsletter

1 November 2011

MirandaNet November Newsletter

MirandaNet November Newsletter


1 July 2011

Newsletter July 2011

Newsletter July 2011

1 May 2011

May 2011 Membership Roundup

May 2011 Membership Roundup

3 April 2011

MirandaNet Spring Newsletter

MirandaNet Spring Newsletter

28 January 2011

January 2011 post-BETT Newsletter

January 2011 post-BETT Newsletter

11 January 2011

January 2011 Newsletter

MirandaNet January 2011 Newsletter

16 December 2010

December 2010 Membership News

December Membership News

And, of course, very best wishes to all MirandaNetters for Christmas and the New Year!

1 December 2010

BETT11 News

MirandaNet BETT11 News

1 November 2010

November 2010 Membership Update

November 2010 Membership Update

1 October 2010

MirandaNet Membership Update October 2010

MirandaNet Membership Update October 2010

21 September 2010

MirandaMod at the Pan-Hellenic Conference on ICT in Education

Next MirandaMod

Dear MirandaNetters

Not everyone takes MirandaLink, so we are advertising our next MirandaMod in Greece on 24th September on MirandaNews as well.

20 September 2010

MirandaNet Conference Listing and MirandaMods Update

MirandaNet Conference Listing and MirandaMods Update

1 September 2010

MirandaNet Membership News September 2010

MirandaNet Membership News September 2010


22 July 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter July 2010

July Newsletter

15 June 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter New Members May 2010

MirandaNet New Members May 2010

15 May 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter May 2010

MirandaNet Fellows around theWorld

1 May 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter New Members April 2010

MirandaNetNew Members April 2010

1 April 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter New Members March 2010

March 2010 New Members Round-up

15 March 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter March 2010

March 2010 Contents

1 March 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter February 2010

Do we need a new Vision Statement?

Round-up of new members in February 2010

26 January 2010

MirandaNet Newsletter January 2010

New Members' News

Another spread of outstanding experts in digital technologies in education from all over the world have joined MirandaNet in order to share in our discussions. What is so inspiring about all your profiles are your aspirations as a members. Have you updated your profile recently? It is often the first information that comes up on Google about you. Check it out...

1 January 2010

MirandaNet BETT Newsletter January 2010

The annual BETT Exhibition will take place this year from Wednesday 13th January to Saturday 16th January. We hope to see many of you on the MirandaNet stand at BETT10 this year.

We suggest four additional events where we can also meet, one for each day of the show.

26 December 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter December 2009

MirandaNet December 2009 Newsletter

1 November 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter November 2009

A Call especially to our International Members

Conferences, MirandaMods and Miranda seminars
December 2009 - April 2010

1 October 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter October 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter October 2009

15 September 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter September 2009


New Members round up

1 August 2009

MirandaNet Holiday Newsletter August 2009

26 June 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter June 2009


26 May 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter May 2009

May Newsletter


5 May 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter April-May 2009

31 March 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter March 2009

4 March 2009

MirandaNet Newsletter January/February 2009


11 December 2008

November/December Newsletter

What’s happening at BETT09


2 November 2008

October newsletter


Calling all concept mapping enthusiasts

Visual Learning resource

World Ecitizens

SATs Scrapped

Member News
- Lawrence Williams
- Miles Berry
- Daniel Needlestone

New Scholars
New Members

17 September 2008

September Newsletter


Technologies for Visual Learning Unconference 27th November 2008
Where are the Academics? BERA report 2008
New Pedagogy and Interactive Technology Research Group
Mapping Addicts: Members Only
Future Lab Invitation: breakfast event on Games
Tribal: New MirandaNet Associates
Apples at Lanway
Opportunity to hear Marc Prensky
Members' News
New Scholars
New Members

29 August 2008

August Newsletter


MirandaNet symposium at Brighton CAL09
Community Capers Unconference
Podcasting Book Information
New Maths Tools in Kidspiration 3!
Digital Media and Learning Competition 2008
New Scholars


15 July 2008

July Newsletter


Editorial :

• MirandaNet Fellows are ‘beaming up'


• Online Unconference: Community Capers
• MirandaNet Members Advancing Virtual Worlds
• Teachers TV
• For Concept Map addicts
• Calling all MirandaNet bloggers


• e-learning/e-safety issues in schools


• New Scholars


23 June 2008

June Newsletter


16 May 2008

16th May 08 Newsletter


New MirandaNet events and conferences

• Seminars on Mapping and YouTube - London - 29th May
• Japanese professors e-security tour: June 23rd - July 1st
- E-security seminar - Bath Spa University - 27th June
- Cream Tea with Japanese professors - Croydon - 29th June
• International conference of IFIP WG 3.5 Informatics & Elementary Education in Prague 23rd - 26th June
• MirandaNet Teachers UNconference - London: 10th July
• BERA 2008 Annual Conference Heriot Watt University 3rd - 6th September 2008
• IADIS International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA 2008) October 13th - 15th - Freiburg, Germany

Members' News

• Exploring social networking in schools
• ICT for World Peace
• Online safety
• Emerging technologies for learning volume 3 (2008)
• Publishing in the MirandaNet Etopia E-journal
• New Scholars
• New Members

20 April 2008

April 08 Newsletter


Planning for Miranda's Future

Members' News:
InterCultural Awareness
WACC Photographic Competition 2008
Mechelle De Crane's website recommendations

New Fellows
New Scholars


28 February 2008

February Newsletter


Plans for MirandaNet Fellowship's sustainability
MirandaNet Oscars
Report: Pedagogies for interactive technologies: IWBs and Visualisers workshop
Video conferencing at the Museum of London
The Education Resources Awards 2008, 29 February

• What Works Where? 12-13 March and, March 14, optional visit to Barnfield School, Luton.
• Multimodality and Learning Conference, Institute of Education, London 19-20 June
• International conference of IFIP WG 3.5 Informatics & Elementary Education in Prague 23-26 June
• International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE) 2008 Corfu 10-12 July
• ALT-C 2008: Rethinking the digital divide Leeds 9-11 September
• Third International Conference on Concept Mapping 22 -25 September in Estonia and Finland

Members' News
New Scholars


17 January 2008

January 2008 Newsletter


6 December 2007

December Newsletter


16 November 2007

November Newsletter


11 October 2007

October Newsletter


4 September 2007

September Newsletter


MirandaNet research into ICT CPD
Teachers designing adventure games in the 1980s

Handheld Learning 2007 Conference
World Concept Mapping Conference September 2008 – Talinn & Helsinki

Quest Atlantis 3D Virtual World Teacher Training
Courses in Flash for Teachers

Web sites
Interesting blog article on Red halo
ICT as a tool for creativity
Mechelle de Craene shares some web sites

New Scholars
New Members

11 July 2007

July MirandaNet Newsletter


15 June 2007

June Mirandanet Newsletter


An Inspirational Journey
Visual Literacy forum
MirandaNet seminar on mapping on July 2nd, London
MirandaNet in the Guardian Links supplement
What's on:
- National Conference: Children Making Meaning through Talk and Mark Making
- Biodiversity and Climate Change
- Challenging Every Child
- Bebo at In the Wild conference
- Know IT All
- Sharing Success - Issues 9 and 10
Panorama programme on wi-fi
New Scholars

14 May 2007

May MirandaNet Newsletter


21 April 2007

April Newsletter


23 March 2007

March Newsletter


Prague workshop reports
ICT CPD at the Naace conference
News from Bangladesh
Video Lectures
No Jam tomorrow (or, after the 20th)
New Scholars
New Members

24 February 2007

February Newsletter


ICT & Strategic Concerns
Netiquette for new members
A thank you to Francis
MirandaNet in many languages
Comments on IWB research
Becta funded research project into ICT and personalised learning
Penguin and DMU launch A Million Penguins - a wikinovel experiment
BETT 2007 video review
Partner’s announcement: Another Winner from 2Simple!
From 2Simple - New for 2007!
Members’ blogs and CVs
New Scholars
New Members

23 January 2007

January 2007 Newsletter


Report on BETT07
Our new MirandaNet front page
Etopia- Mapping the World WE want
Prague Workshop 15th – 17th February 2007
Put an entry in the Peace Room
A Fellow published in the Reflecting Education e-journal
The Good Guide to Interactive Whiteboards
Working with schools in China INSET
The latest news about Seymour Papert
Fellows in Conference 2007
NAACE conference Torquay 27th February- 1st March
SITE conference, San Antonio, Texas, US 26th – 30th March 2007
Conference in Greece 2007
New Scholars

2 December 2006

December Newsletter


Prague Workshop
BETT 2007, Olympia, London
BESA’s major pre-BETT International Conference 2007
The Education Resources Awards 2007
Report on Technology in Schools by Cheryl Lemke
FutureLab publish report on teaching with games
Etopian School Uniforms
Invitation to Secondary School Mirandanet colleagues to join a iViva programme
New Scholars
New Members

14 November 2006

November Newsletter

Change of date: Meeting about social web communities has been moved from 1st December at the Institute of Education in London to 11th January at BETT, Olympia


7 October 2006

October MirandaNet Newsletter

The MirandaNet mission statement
MirandaNet seminars on visual literacy
Etopia project
- Dinner Nov 3rd
- Prague conference 15th – 17th February
Information about BETT07
- BETT 2007, Olympia, London
- A Major pre-BETT International ICT Conference
Peace Room
UK-Japan Science Workshop New area on MirandaNet
Video Games: School Practicalities
Teachers Resources for KS1 and KS2
Recommended conferences
- Mathematical Association of New South Wales
- 2nd International Conference Art in Early Childhood
New Scholars
A List of all the member countries

22 September 2006

Etopia – Special WEB September Edition MirandaNet Newsletter

Etopia - Mapping the World We Want
New Fellow
New Scholars
New Members

18 July 2006

MirandaNet July Newsletter

MirandaNet Seminars and Workshops
Members stories in an e-journal
Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)
Where are your blogs?
Oracle Partnership Update
New Fellows, Scholars & Members

27 June 2006

MirandaNet June Newsletter


26 May 2006

May 2006 Newsletter


25 April 2006

MirandaNet April Newsletter


22 March 2006

March Newsletter


13 February 2006

February MirandaNet Newsletter


MirandaNet Mission Statement
Mexican Cocktails at BETT06
New members from Muslim countries
Stimulating and supporting visual literacy: concept mapping as a tool for learning
Mobile Media Article
New Fellows and Scholars

7 January 2006

January 06 Newsletter

MirandaNet BETT06 news
Diary Dates for MirandaNet for 2006
Braided Learning – MirandaNet eJournal volumes
Forthcoming editions of Reflecting Education
New Developments in the STAR Project: AS Level English Work
dICTatEd - we need another 1,000 primary respondents - can you help?
New MirandaNet Chapter in Macedonia?
New Fellows and Scholars

10 December 2005

December Newsletter


15 November 2005


MirandaNet Seminar and Winter Solstice
BETT06 seminar
RSS Bogs, podcasting, memories, et al
Bath seminar 1-2 Sept : Collaborating on the Boundaries of the Possible
Mirandanet World Ecitizen Conference
Castle View and MirandaNet partners in specialist status
A report from Gill Deadman on ‘Pupil learning diaries’
Schome - thanks, update and opportunity
Every Child Matters
The ICT in Education Website and Subscription Service
Miles Berry Fellowship Article
Fellowships gained at the Bath workshop
New Fellows and Scholars

17 October 2005

October 05 Newsletter

Tina's summer blog 'in one'
Next seminar – Winter Solstice: concept mapping: 28th November 2006
Report on the Bath seminar 1-2 Sept 2005
The next MN annual workshop in Prague October half-term 2006
Tina's travels
MirandaNet Discussion forums
The IOE journal 'Reflecting Education' is now live
MirandaNet goes Mexican: BETT 06
Jane's Engraving: News from MirandaNetter Jane Dorner
New Scholars

22 July 2005

Mid-Summer Newsletter

Collaborating on the boundaries of the possible – workshop at Bath
The Basia Korczak Award
Inspiration - a new MirandaNet partner
Digital communities, technology and education seminar - 22nd June
Interactive Whiteboard seminar in Bath - 9th June
WCCE 05 Stellenbosch, RSA report from Lawrence Williams
Teacher Research on-line info from Sarah Fletcher
Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE)
New Scholars

29 June 2005

Summer Newsletter about MirandaNetters

The Bath conference Ist/2nd September
The Laurel Award for Paulet Brown
MirandaNet Rose Awards for Lawrence Williams and Maldwyn Pryse
Promethean World ACTIVAmbassadors for ACTIVLearning
A MirandaNet Academy Forum
Reports on CAL05, Bristol and SITE05, Phoenix
A Box of Tricks for Supply Teachers
New post at Nottingham for Mike Sharples
Who is using Blogs in MirandaNet
Next stop WCCE South Africa
New Fellows and Scholars

17 June 2005

MirandaNet People Newsletter


27 May 2005

CPD Events Special

14 February 2005


MirandaNet Fellows as World Ecitizens, a new learning environment for Promethean Interactive Whiteboard users, two research publications from the International MirandaNet Research Centre, free accreditation for ICT action research projects in classrooms at the MirandaNet Academy at Bath, Will Pearson requests our help, Congratulations to Keith Phipps and a welcome to the New Fellows and Scholars in 2005.

28 November 2004


A message from our Chairman, news of the Winter Solstice, lots of new Fellows and Scholars and some interesting information.

19 June 2004


In this newsletter further information about Viruses, and other nasties, Tools for Schools update, Towards a Unified elearning strategy – analysis of responses, British Library and Google on archives, ICT in Practice Awards 2005, and lastly a new MirandaNet Fellow and a new Scholar.

1 May 2004

Viruses, spam, phishing and other nasties

How on earth can we deal with the ever-increasing mountain of junk that arrives in the mail box?

23 April 2004

March/April Newsletter

The NOF ICT programme update, F2F teaching, Learning in eCommunities: new courses, ICT CPD experiences, MirandaNet Members’ Area, Schools Management Information Systems, news from a Fellow and four new scholars.

13 February 2004

January/February Newsletter

This month, the NOF ICT Training Evaluation by MirandaNet, and an article for the TES, IWB update, writing bids and funding applications, news from Pakistan, Education Resources Awards and BESA Conference, a DfES Survey and new MirandaNet Members.

9 December 2003

December 03 Newsletter

Just a short newsletter this December because it is such a busy month for those of us in Education.

7 November 2003

November Newsletter

This month information about MirandaNet Seminars, Xmas party and Forums, news about Keith Phipps, new scholars, Becta, an LSE report, ICT errors and electrowetting!

8 October 2003

October Newsletter

This month: a letter from our founder; news about MirandaNet seminars and Xmas party; the success of the IWB project; information about pilot projects on the WE site, new resources and two new scholars.

8 September 2003


This month news about two new scholars, and news from an old one, using the IWB, how Mistral came to be named, advertising on School websites and laptops for teachers

15 August 2003


This month a few words from Tina, congratulations to Keith Phipps, news from Tim Brosnan, Harry Potter on the NGfL, hoax viruses, and how to write your own viruses.

7 July 2003


This month - IWB and BectaAward reminders, Making the Internet Safe, news from Margaret Danby, Lawrence Williams and two new African Chapters, and a little bit more.

11 June 2003


This month we have news from Kaz, a reminder about nominations for the ICT awards in 2004 and an article from Ben Franklin for you to read.

16 May 2003


May arrives with reminders of our next chances to meet, welcome to a new fellow and a new scholar, and some interesting information about the UnITy site.

18 April 2003


As April ends do we want to rename our Newsletter? Three new scholars, IWB seminar reminder, website review, an example of best practice and some extras.

4 April 2003


This month a new Fellow, new scholars and a new assistant for Tina, writing a book chapter, looking at a photo, presenting at CAL03 and more.

20 March 2003

March Newsletter

This month's newsletter contains a mixture of sad and happy news: Basia's funeral & Kaz's departure, Active Citizenship,the new MirandaNet brochure, MirandaNet icons, a research item from Daithi, and lots more.

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