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MirandaNet Fellows and Scholars are encouraged to publish their work in print and online. We are making increasing use of our Braided Learning Ejournal, where scholars and fellows can collaborate online.

(Note: items previously published on this page are now in an archive)

MirandaNet research publications fall under five topics

As a result of our research findings many of you will know that we have designed a change management professional development programme for schools, clusters and organisation called iCatalyst. You can find the details in the Professional Development section of the site.

Innovative ICT CPD programmes

Preston, C. and J. Cuthell (2011in press) MirandaMods: from practice to praxis in informal professional learning contexts. Research on e-learning and ICT in Education: Technological, Pedagogical and Instructional Issues, published by Springer

Pachler, N, C. Preston, J. Cuthell, A. Allen and Pinheiro Torres (2011) The ICT CPD Landscape in England. Becta,

Allen, A. Preston, C. Payton, M. and Pickering, S. (2011 in press) E-safety guidance for the FE & Skills Sector, Becta Coventry (held up because of Becta’s demise)

Leask, M. and C. Preston (2011) ICT Tools for Future Teachers: Becta, Coventry. Published
Will be moved to

Davis, N., C. Preston, and I. Sahin (2009a). ICT teacher training: evidence for multilevel evaluation from a national initiative. British Journal of Education Technology (BJET). Volume 40. Issue 1 (January 2009 ) (Published Online: Feb 5 2008 12:00AM): 135–148.

Davis, N. E., C. Preston and I. Sahin (2009b). Training teachers to use new technologies impacts multiple ecologies: Evidence from a national initiative’. British Educational Research Journal (BJET). Volume 40. Issue 5 (September 2009)

Preston, C. and Cuthell, J. (2007) Professional educators' perspectives on ICT CPD: Past, Present and Future, WLE centre. Institute of Education, University of London.

Preston C. 2007 The development of personalised learning in e-communities in Pictures of Personalisation: A global view of the personalisation of learning, Ed. Angela MacFarlane, DfES and BESA

Preston, C (2006) Keynote Interactive Learning Communities: researching the role of interactive whiteboards and other digital tools, Transforming teaching transforming learning, transforming lives March 24th Monterrey, Mexico

Preston, C (2006) The power of practice based research: teachers informing policy: March 2nd NACCE Annual Conference. Torquay

Preston, C. and Cuthell, J (2005) Teaching in ICT rich environments – using e-learning to create a knowledge base for 21st century teachers. A chapter in Leask, M and Pachler, N (eds) (2nd edn 2005)
Teaching and Learning using ICT in the Secondary School, London, Routledge.

Preston, C. (2005) invited symposium paper: Learning to use ICT in classrooms from teachers’ and trainers’ perspectives: the innovatory methodologies used to evaluate the UK ICT teacher training programme 1999-2003,: Leadership and Change: The Integration of Information Technologies into Learning Environments, SITE 2005 16th International Conference, Phoenix Arizona, US, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, US. Mar 1st-5th

Preston, C (2005) Social Networking between professionals: what is the point? A chapter in Self-regulated Learning in Technology. Edited Stephans, K, R. Carneiro and Underwood, J. Enhanced Learning Environments TACONET Lisbon, Portugal, Shaker Verlag.

Preston, C and Lengel, L (2004) Building communities of practice in “New” Europe a chapter in A Brown, and N Davis (eds): Digital Technology, Communities and Education: World Year Book of Education – 2004 Routledge Falmer

Preston, C. (2004). Learning to use ICT in Classrooms: teachers' and trainers' perspectives: an evaluation of the English NOF ICT teacher training programme (1999-2003): summary, full evaluation report and emergent trends for teacher educators and staff-trainers. London, funded by the Teacher Training Agency <> .

Preston, C. and Danby, M. (2004) Who are the supply teachers?
Research into the characteristics of supply teachers and their professional needs. and

Preston, C. and Danby, M. (2004) Building professional capacity in new media skills – An evaluation of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) for Educators, and

Industry Education Partnership

Preston, C. (2011 in press). ICT industry and education partnership: a driver for change in teaching and learning. Becta, Coventry (held up because of Becta’s demise)

Preston, C. (2006) Which resources work in practice in schools? What will our markets look like in 2011? Hodder. Danesford House, Marlow, Surrey

Concept mapping as a data collection tool

Preston, C. (2011) Gaining insight into educators’ understanding of digital technologies: three models for the analysis of multi-dimensional concept maps. Doctorate in International Education, Institute of Education, University of London library.

Preston, C. (2011 in press). Towards collaborative judgment: research into building teachers’ communities of practice. Becta. Coventry.

Preston, C. (2009). Exploring semiotic approaches to analysing multidimensional concept maps using methods that value collaboration. Handbook of Research on Collaborative Learning Using Concept Mapping. P. Torres and R. Marriott. Hershey, Pennsylvania/USA, Information Science Reference.

Communities of Practice

Preston, C. and J. Cuthell (2009 ). The MirandaMod: an emerging collaborative strategy for professional change. Becta. Coventry.

Preston C. and J. Cuthell (2009). From practice to praxis - through work based teaching and learning , WLE Centre, Institute of Education, University of London. London.

Preston, C. and J. Cuthell (2009). New professional cultures : braided gatherings in The Third Space. 3rd WLE Mobile Learning Symposium. N. Pachler. Institute of Education, University of London,

Preston, C. and J. Cuthell (2009). Towards collaboration: knowledge creation in Web 2.0 environments. A preliminary analysis of community discourse of learning in MirandaMod 2, a developing and autonomous professional context . Becta

Preston, C (2009): MirandaNet Symposium; New Rules for Engagement: communities of practice, professional development and technology C. Preston, H. Constable, S. Blandford, M. Leask. B. Manova. S. Younie, L. Vainio. Proceedings CAL09 Brighton

Preston, C (2008) MirandaNet Symposium; Teachers building theories about teaching and learning with digital technologies. Christina Preston, Marilyn Leask, Sarah Younie, H.Constable. Proceedings BERA 2008 Manchester

Preston, C. 2008. Braided Learning; an emerging process observed in e-communities of practice
International Journal of Web Based Communities. Special Issue on Online Learning Communities in Context Guest Editors: Dr. Ove Jobring and Associate Professor Piet Kommers Volume, 4.2

Preston, C. (2007). Braided Learning: promoting active professionals in education. New International Theories and Models of and for Online Learning. C. Haythornthwaite. Chicago IL, USA, First Monday.

Preston, C. 2007 An interactivist e-community of practice using Web 2:00 tools. Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International(SITE) part of The Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education Conference (AACE) SITEO7 proceedings. San Antonio, Texas, USA; March 26-30, 2007.

World Ecitizenship

Preston, C. 2008 Becoming a World Ecitizen: Keynote: Proceedings of 2nd Beijing International Forum on Citizenship Education for Children and Youths.

Preston, C (2006) A World Ecitizens’ perspective: a socio-cultural approach to learning in e-communities Doctoral School Summer conference, Institute of Education, University of London 24th June

Preston, C (2006) Accredited Action Research and World E-Citizenship February 10th Westminster Academy, London

Preston, C (2006) Giving teachers’ a professional voice 19th January Iowa University, Education Department seminar

Preston, C (2006) Using digital tools for teaching and learning. 11th January BETT06 Olympia. London

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