Welcome to the Future Learning Research Exchange

‘O brave new world, that has such people in IT!’

The Future Learning research exchange represents a partnership between:

  • The MirandaNet Fellowship;
  • Learning Futures Research Centre, Institute of Research into Education (IREd) University of Bedfordshire;
  •  The Education Futures Collaboration.

The aim of this research think tank is to influence policy on educational innovation through evidence. The discussions and research findings developed between researchers, educators, policy makers and companies about digital technologies in education are used to guide the informed management of systemic changes in schools and teacher education. The partnership reflects the exponential changes in the ownership of knowledge throughout the world and aims to raise the status of professional knowledge about teaching and learning.

So far the Education Innovation team is establishing a research reputation for studies of: emergent theory and practice collaborative knowledge creation  in  communities of practice that we call  Braided Learning. We also conduct research into the value of concept maps and critical incidents as a data collection tools. In this  space we share our research ideas, knowledge, methods and publications with any colleagues who are looking for synergies. Lively debate is welcome.

Here you will find  summaries of relevant discussions by MirandaNet members from our internal debating forum called mirandalink; abstracts of articles and  publications. Members can join in our face to face and virtual meetings in knowledge creation  at our regular MirandaMod unconferences and events. Researchers can also apply for drafts of our work that has not been published yet or is restricted to our members only.

What would you like to add? Researchers can publish summaries of their thesis, articles and papers here subject to peer review. Any scholar who publishes on MirandaNet receives a Fellowship and for subsequent publications and contributions to activities a Senior Fellowship. Members who take on executive roles are awarded a MirandaNet Ambassador title. Details of awards members can win are here.

Professor Christina Preston, Professor of Educational Innovation, University of Bedfordshire and founder of MirandaNet Fellowship: christina@mirandanet.ac.uk.


About Christina Preston

Christina Preston advocates the application of digital technologies as a catalyst for change in teaching and learning. International awards for this innovative CPD research and practice include the Trnkova Medal for support in building democratic strategies for ICT teacher education; the World Academic Council Humanitarian Award for the enrichment of community opportunities for Bulgarian teachers and women returnees by creating Anglo-Bulgarian exchange opportunities face-to-face and online; the European Union of Women of Humanitarian Achievement Award for creating an Anglo-Czech online alliance working on democratic participation.
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