University of BedfordshireMirandaNet Fellowship in partnership with the Learning Futures Research Centre, IREd, University of Bedfordshire

In the early 199os research into teaching and learning in communities of practice  was pioneered by  a small group of MirandaNet Fellows that included Karen Cameron, Dr John Cuthell, Professor Niki Davis, Professor Christina Preston, Professor Marilyn Leask, Dr Chris Yapp and Dr Sarah Younie. In 2011 a partnership between the Learning Futures Research Centre (LFRC) at University of Bedfordshire acknowledges this cross university collaboration over thirty years in the appointment of Dr Christina Preston as Professor of Educational Innovation at the University of Bedfordshire. LFRC is led by Dr Andrea Raiker. These members of  the research collaboration all belong to the MirandaNet Fellowship, established in 1992, that has nearly 1,000 members in 80 countries who have contributed to the research publications, case studies and activities that have been developed over three decades.

MirandaNet Fellows are developing methodologies and research potential around communities of enquirers collaborating in physical and virtual spaces. These activities being developed through the collaborative MirandaMods are intended to push the envelope on collaborative professional knowledge creation face to face and on line.

The MirandaNet Learning Futures Research team

Professor Christina Preston:  International Links Director

MirandaNet Ambassadors

Dr Chris Yapp: International Policy
Dominic Savage: Industry adviser
Professor Marilyn Leask: Professional Knowledge Management
Dr Bozena Mannova: International Research and Development
Professor Margaret Cox: pedagogical overview
Theo Keuchel: Visual Learning
Leon Cych: Digital communications
Dr Eva Dakich: Senior researcher

Senior Fellows

Professor Niki Davis: International Research and Development
Lawrence Williams: World Ecitizens Directors
Dr Sarah Younie: ICT Teacher Education
Dr Noeline Wright: Social Media

Associate Fellows 

Rachel Jones: Steljes: School Policy and Practice
Graham Newell: Iris Connect, Digital Communications
Roger Turner: Light Speed, Digital Communications
Dr Matthew Pearson: Social media

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