International programme

3 keynotes for 1,700 teachers on
Development of innovative educational programmes for teachers
University of Cordoba, University of Jujuy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Presentation on
The demise of Becta
Policy Working party
Warwickshire University: Mike Hammond

EduSummit2011 UNESCO
Building a Global Community of Policy-Makers, Educators and Researchers to Move Education into the Digital Age
Invited member of ICT CPD working party: Assistant Director General for Education, Joke Voogt and
Professor Margaret Cox

Braided Learning: social networking or professional knowledge creation
and conceptual learning?
Information and Communications Technology in Education- conference
University of the Peloponnese
Host: Professor Athanassios Jimoyiannis

‘Communities of Practice in Teacher Education’.
Czech Technical University, Prague
Host: Dr. Bozena Mannova
Brave New World: The Use of Concept Maps for Collaborative Knowledge Construction:
Emergent PPIMMS Methodology

Seminar at University of Canterbury, Christ Church New Zealand
Host: Professor Niki Davis and Victoria University, Melbourne
Host Dr. Eva Dakich

‘O Brave New World’
The Use of Concept Maps for Collaborative Knowledge Construction:
emergent PPPIMMS Methodology
with Professor M. Leask
Technology and Teacher Education
SITE10 San Diego
Host David Gibson
University of Tokyo
Host: Professor Hiro Tanyaka
Building and disseminating professional knowledge:
a learning platform approach
with Professor Marilyn Leask
Victoria Education Department,
Melbourne, Australia
Host: Elizabeth Hartnell-Young

2010 March
Braided iGatherings in the Third Space: Social Networking or
Professional Knowledge Creation?

IADIS E-Society conference, Portugal
University of Opporto
Professor Piet Kommers, University of Twente, Holland.

‘Professional attitudes to social networking’
Tamworth Naace, advisers professional organisation, UK
Host: Gareth Davis

The Creation of Knowledge : Initial teacher training conference,
Charles University, Prague,
Host: Dr Mirka Cernochova
Social networking between professionals – what is the point?
Taconet conference, September Amsterdam, Preston, C and Lepeltak, J.

ICT CPD theme:
2007 NAACE conference February, Torquay
Partners Promethean, Institute of Education, BECTA
Keynote for 400 teachers: Belo Horizonte University, Minas, Gerais University , Brazil, Professor Edwardo Mortimer
Keynote for UNESCO conference with 650 teachers, Monterrey, Mexico, Dr Manual Fernandez

Keynote for 500 teachers : Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, Professor Anastasia Economou
Preston, C (2006) Keynote Interactive Learning Communities: researching the role of interactive whiteboards and other digital tools, Transforming teaching transforming learning, transforming lives March 24th Monterrey, Mexico
Preston, C (2006) The power of practice based research: teachers informing policy: March 2nd NACCE Annual Conference, Torquay

Workshop invitations

Technology White paper
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), MirandaNet and Naace: invited members to to collaboratively produce a Technology White Paper based on concerns from school membersthat not enough emphasis is being given by the Coalition to the role that technology can and must play in education for the future.
Inaugural meeting of International Academy of Ubiquitous Communication Educators(AUCEi) Learned Society: Critical incident research for career development.

Inaugural professorship introduction and two teachers’ workshops.
Leeuwarden University, Friesland, The Netherlands, Professor Jan Lepeltak

Teaching student teachers for one week, Iowa State University, Aims, US Professor Niki Davis
Three day meeting to develop a book on e-communities. Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden Professor Roger Saljo University of ChristianSund, Norway. Ove Jobring x 150 heads
University Neofit Rilski,Blagoevgrad City, Bulgaria Professor Nikola Bogkov

Running a course on practice based research for two weeks. Beijing Academy of Educational Science, China, Professor Zhang Tiedao Keynote for 1,000 Chinese teachers: The Communication College of Jiangxi Normal University, Professor Xiang
Expert Panel at conference for TV broadcast : Institute of Information Technology in Education, NorthEast Normal University, Chang Chung, Professor Dong Yuqi
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