Research groups

Research groups

MirandaNet members are invited to join these action research groups that have emerged from our MirandaMods at BETT14

  • MOOCs: design, delivery and impact on the education industry; ( EU HandsOn ICT)
  • Mobile connections and the school culture; (Group Call and Tablet Academy)
  • The value of games  in learning; (Yellow Spot and Brain Pop)
  • The impact of web-based video on professional development and pupil behaviour; (IRIS Connect)
  • Using social media in careers advice; (icould)
  • Coding and the balance of  the Computing Curriculum;
  • World Ecitizens: teachers from around the world talking about their practice in digital technologies.

Research themes

Over the year MirandaNet Fellows have led in a number of research areas where they have tested out established methodologies and developed new ones that are particularly related to professional learning in communities, face to face and online.

  • Braided Learning: a approach to collaborative knowledge creation relating to activity online in text and using digital concept maps
  • Action research: MirandaNet Fellows as co-researchers making changes in their teaching and learning techniques as part of a research project.
  • Critical incidents: a qualitative methodology that concentrates on an episode that gives the co-researcher a completely new perspective on a pedagogical challenge.

You can follow up these themes and the supporting publications here