MirandaMod July 9th 2013

Creativity in Teaching Computing

MirandaNet symposia and MirandaMod July 9th

The MirandaNet Fellowship are partners in an EU project called HandsOn. In this context, in the afternoon of 9th July 1700-1800 GMT  they will be exploring how to teach creatively about the use of digital technologies  in an international MirandaMod debate that will include some members of Computing in Schools. Those who cannot attend the conference will be able to join in online or view the video later.

MirandaMods are designed to offer the professional educator more than a webinar or a debate. There is usually a leader who introduces the theme and presents some of the potential arguments. The educators who elect to join a MirandaMod, face to face or online, are invited to contribute to the theme as well as by:

  • speaking for about 2-5 mins ( depending on the number of participants)
  • adding to the digital concept map that used to record the current professional knowledge in this area.

The multimedia concept map is  a way of presenting complex knowledge: each node providing a link to an annotatable display of more in-depth fully referenced knowledge. In terms of dissemination this  map will be a a resources for the HandsOn community.

However as a result of also making this map as a contribution to the MESH resources the MirandaNet team expect that more teachers will want to join the HandsOn learning community of practice to look at Creativity in Computing from different perspectives and angles. In addition, mentors will be working in this environment once the first tranche of teachers has gone through.

In explanation, the global Mapping Education Specialist knowHow (MESH)  project that provides access to subject specific research-based knowledge about classroom practice [1]. About fifty maps are now being developed by practitioners that are expected to increase the power of the teachers’ voice in policy discussions in the same way that doctors use the Cochrane review.

The MirandaMod will be from 1700-1800 (GMT) followed by dinner on the canal from 1900 (GMT).

The main ITTE conference

This international ITTE conference for Teacher Educators in IT  is being held at a time when many European teachers want a forum to discuss the policy and practitioner issues that have emerged in the last couple of years.

Papers can be presented under these conference themes:

  • Initial Teacher Education – current developments
  • Primary ICT: new curriculum and applications of IT in the classroom
  • Secondary: the computer science curriculum, cross curricular applications and ICT application to other subjects
  • Whole school management issues: moving to the Cloud, Flipped classrooms, BYOT/BYOD etc;
  • Formal and informal CPD: digital technologies and professional learning – opportunities and challenges.

HandsOn/MirandaNet Symposia

As well as submitting paper to the main conference colleagues are invited to join MirandaNet members on July 9th when we are concentrating on symposia in 3 areas where we could like to see as many practitioners as possible: there will be about 4-5 speakers on a theme at about 15/20 mins each leading a discussion. We hope to have some CAS speakers too.

  • Under ‘Whole school management issues’ we plan a symposium on the absence of creativity in new Computing Curriculum in England
  • Under the primary and secondary themes we are planning one symposium on creative practice in classroom  and another one on creativity in the field of inclusivity and SEN

 MirandaMod submissions

If you want to be part of this MirandaNet collective submission for symposia on creativity please send your 100-150 word abstract to me, christina@mirandanet.ac.uk, by 28th May so that I can put in a joint submission. I can write invitation letters if you need this support. Everyone in the symposia will then be in the MirandaMod at the end of the day. You should also use the booking form below to indicate your intention to attend before 1st June if you want a discount.

If you cannot attend the MirandaMod face to face, please send 100 words to me, christina@mirandanet.ac.uk about your view on Creativity and Computing for the MirandaMod and I will tell you how to register on line.

 Main conference submissions

The deadline for 100-150 word abstracts is Ist June. Send 150 word abstracts to Alison Hramiak A.Hramiak@shu.ac.uk and Helen Boulton helen.boulton@ntu.ac.uk

Please register your attendance by using the booking form here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZXWPTH8. Once you have booked, you will received an invoice and further instructions, including a link to the online community, the programme and abstracts.

More about the ITTE conference here www.itte.ac.uk.

[1]If you would like to get involved click here or email enquiries@MESHguides.org with MESH in the subject line. Include in the body of the text, the proposed title and a paragraph about the evidence which will underpin the guide and the findings which are relevant to educators. We encourage applications from those who have completed PhD/EdD/Masters theses and other major research projects or systematic reviews.




Many thanks to our associates for their support for MirandaNet activities.