BETT14 programme themes

Miranda Lounge

A place for MirandaNet members and friends with refreshments and phone chargers. Our associates can have a tabletop and a pull up in the room.

January 22nd to 25th 2014

Please feed back on MirandaMods topics to be held at a round table for about an hour as well as being streamed and videoed to use as resources afterwards. Normally MirandaNet invites about x6 interested people to speak for 7 mins and expects another six on the day to join for the debate.

Potential topics

Please comment on the topics and let us know who you can invite and when by the end of October.

How can educators’ have more impact globally on policy and practice through teachers’ research?

Is Moodle a valuable tool for teaching and learning?

What is the best model for professional development in the use of digital technologies?

Are MOOCs just a passing enthusiasm or are they here to stay?

What kind of games can support teaching and learning?

Do teachers need practical qualifications today?

How are mobile devices changing the education landscape?

Are we using MIS data well enough in schools to support teaching and learning?

What is the best way to teach coding?

World Ecitizens: how do MirandaNet teachers across the world use digital technologies in their classrooms?

Current MirandaNet presentation with company logos

The MirandaNet presentation for Naace 23rd October, 7th November, 14th November. Our associates could choose the develop their existing research for a MESH pathway. Let me know if you are interested.

Presentation about research in education using digital technologies here