Research themes

The term, Braided Learning,  refers to a meaning-making process that is emerging from the observation of online communication as communities of professionals mature in digital competence (Haythornthwaite, 2007). In her paper on six models for online community engagement Haythornthwaite explained that first three stages of Braided Learning were established when the communities being researched were only using email. MirandaNet Fellows continued to record this process for collaborative engagement on knowledge creation in context of the liminal space where collaboration takes place.

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The other research topics that relate to Braided Learning are:

Action research.

This section has three main topics:

The MirandaNet iCatalyst professional development programme draws on action research to develop strong community of practice learning.

Learning in communities

Fellows  have also also developed innovative data collection methodologies in  order to observe Braided Learning and create evidence of collaborative learning:

Critical Incident research used to find learning episodes that changed practice in individual learning.

Concept mapping used to promote collaborative learning and develop evidence to change policy and practice.