HandsOn_logo_color_nobackgroundThis MirandaMod relates to the HandsOn ICT MOoc that MirandaNet are helping to design. You can read more about the HandsOn ICT project here. http://handsonict.eu/


9th July; Yishay Mor leading a MirandaMod about MOOCs 1600-1730

London Knowledge Lab 23-29 Emerald Street London WC1N 3QS United Kingdom

What can  MOOC offer to educators?

  • Christina Preston; The benefits of  a MOOC?
  • Yishay Mor: Learning Design Studio
  • Sarah Younie: Handson ICT MOOC
  • Inge de Waard: Learning in a MOOC
  • Patricia Charlton: Learning Designer


This MirandaMod will follow on from  a full day workshop about MOOCs run by Yishay Mor.

If you want to catch the streaming or attend please email enquiries@mirandanet.ac.uk

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