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Recording of HandsOn ICT meeting

28th April MirandaMod

  • CPD for teachers in digital technologies: how do we sustain supportive networks in pursuit of changes in ICT practice?

Recordings of the BETT14 MirandaMods

Wednesday January 22nd.

  • MOOCs in Professional Development (EU Handson ICT);
  • Web based video for learning (IRIS Connect);
  • Games Playing (BrainPop and Yellow Spot);

Thursday 23rd January

  • MESH- disseminating teachers’ knowledge
  • Designing MOOCs

Friday 24th January

  • Mobile connections: who is in charge? (Group Call, Tablet Academy);
  • Careers in the 21st century (iCould);
  • The Computing Curriculum: only coding matters?

Saturday 25th January

World eCitizens: reaching out to other learners

Notes about MirandaMods

A MirandaMod is an informal, unconference where educators meet face to face and online to discuss and share ideas about the use of technology in education and lifelong learning. They are a regular feature of the MirandaNet calendar and are often held, alongside, or as an integral part of other educational conferences or events in the UK and around the world.

MirandaMods use the power of social media to connect participants, allowing them to participate online, through a range of collaborative technologies including video conferencing, microblogging and collaborative concept maps, emphasising the social element of learning. MirandaMods are usually broadcast live.

MirandaMods get their name from the MirandaNet community and the Gaelic word for a ‘gathering or assembly’, MirandaNet acknowledges its indebtedness to other unconferences, especially Teachmeet, the initial inspiration for MirandaMods. We see MirandaMod as an addition, to the grass roots educational movement. It is highly likely that members of the MirandaMod community will be involved with Teachmeet events and vice versa.

From a community of practice perspective learning in a MOOC can be a lonely process

  • Christina Preston, MirandaNet Fellowship/ EU LLL HandsOn ICT University of Bedfordshire, The United Kingdom
  • Sarah Younie, MirandaNet Fellowship/ EU LLL HandsOn ICT, University of De Montford, The United Kingdom
  • Ian Lynch, MirandaNet Fellowship/ Ingots, The United Kingdom (online)
  • Patricia Charlton, MirandaNet Fellowship/London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, The United Kingdom(online)

Notes about this event

The Slovenian Moodle user community was born in 2006 and in 2007 the first international MoodleMoot was organized. For four years the Slovenian Moodle users gathered together in Koper, to exchanged their best practices. Each year an international session was organized. Not only Moodle users from neighbor countries Austria and Italia were present, but thanks to Skype and Second Life, users from UK and South Korea join to the 2nd MoodleMoot. This year we plan to use the new Omnijohn technology from Brother.

This  5th annual Slovenian MoodleMoot on June 27th 214 will enable everyone to exchange best practices related to the use of Moodle in different learning (and business) environments, at different levels of education, and for different audiences and purposes. Most of the conference will feature presentations from Slovenian users; however, we will also provide an international section in English to introduce different usage of Moodle and its integration with other web tools.

If you want to catch the streaming please email

You can read more about the HandsOn ICT project here. Read more here


Dr John Cuthell has developed a major resource about MirandaMods that you will find here.  All past MirandaMods are here. BETT13 MirandaMods here

MirandaMods are made possible by the generosity of the MirandaNet Associates.