28th April: Sustaining projects

A recent MirandaMod

MirandaMods programme 2014

CPD for teachers in digital technologies: how do we sustain supportive networks in pursuit of changes in ICT practice?


21-27 Lamb’s Conduit St
London WC1N 3BD28th April    1600-1830

MirandaMod: How to sustain projects after the initial funding


  • Adrian Hall – Operating in a new political paradigm
  • Caroline Wright, BESA – Research and development in the UK education industry
  • Graham Newell, Geoffrey Richard Howson, Vesna Belogaska-IRIS Connect – Challenges for companies seeking research and development funds
  • Rachel Jones – the value of R&D projects for CPD in schools
  • Ian Lynch – Ingots- Accreditation as a motivator

Funded Projects

  • Israel Conejero Arto – The HandsonICT Project
  • Diana Laurillard/Patricia Charlton – Learning Designer
  • Marilyn Leask- MESH
  • Using research and development methods to promote CPD with MirandaNet companies led by Sarah Younie with the MN associates: GroupCall, icould, Engage, LightSpeed, Steljes, Brain Pop, Tablet Academy, INGOTs…

1745-1830 Workshop

1.5 hour workshop aiming at a sustainability planning using a digital concept map to develop a plan led by Ian Lynch.

Mapping the route forward

  • potential consortium topics for bidding
  • appropriate bids and deadlines;
  • potential bid leaders;
  • actions;
  • joining the EdComms web space.

Read more about  EU HandsOnICT project on the Blog
 Research groups from BETT14

  • MOOCs: design, delivery and impact on the education industry ( EU HandsOn ICT);
  • Mobile connections and the school culture; (Group Call and Tablet Academy);
  • The value of games in learning (Yellow Spot and Brain Pop);
  • The impact of web-based video on professional development and pupil behaviour (IRIS Connect);
  • Using social media in careers advice (icould);
  • Coding and the balance of the Computing Curriculum;
  • World Ecitizens: teachers from around the world talking about their practice in digital technologies.

Recordings of the BETT14 MirandaMods

Wednesday January 22nd.

  • MOOCs in Professional Development (EU Handson ICT);
  • Web based video for learning (IRIS Connect);
  • Games Playing (BrainPop and Yellow Spot);

Thursday 23rd January

  • MESH- disseminating teachers’ knowledge
  • Designing MOOCs

Friday 24th January

  • Mobile connections: who is in charge? (Group Call, Tablet Academy);
  • Careers in the 21st century (iCould);
  • The Computing Curriculum: only coding matters?

Saturday 25th January

World eCitizens: reaching out to other learners