In this section  you will find recent keynotes  given by MirandaNetters and other keynotes that we consider to be important.

28th February Westminster Forum

Westminster Forum MS 280213

September 2012

Beyond social networking: the impact of digital innovation on learning

St Hilda’s College, Oxford

July 2012

A community of practice: social networking or professional knowledge creation? by Christina Preston and Andrea Raiker, IREd, Future Learning Research Centre, University of  Bedfordshire, Luton Campus.

The presentation aims to raise questions about learning that is mediated by digital technologies.

January 2012

Michael Gove, UK Minister of Education, speech at the BETT12 show in London.

September 2011

Preston C. (2011) How teachers learn best: the basis of two keynotes  at Jujuy University and the International Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 2011
Digital tools and resources for future teachers: advising the ICT industry on effective learning.

BERA conference, September 2011, London. A paper by Professors Christina Preston and Marilyn Leask

A full list of MirandaNet talks in 2012/2013 is here