2011- 2013 year list

Full list of Professor Preston’s papers and proceedings in 2011-2012

Ist August 2011 Prague Czech Technical University

Keynote Beyond social networking: learning collaboratively on the web. CRM Chapter conference

30th August 2011 International Congress, Buenos Aires

Keynote How do teachers learn best about digital technologies?

1st September  2011 Keynote University of Jujuy, Argentina

Keynote: Innovative educational programmes about digital technologies for teachers in England

6th September 2011 Institute of Education, London, BERA

Digital tools and resources for future teachers: advising the ICT industry on effective learning ICT Tools for Future Teachers (Paper) Christina Preston and Marilyn Leask

11th – 14th January BETT conference and exhibition, Olympia, London

Enriching learning achievement through technology

Series of MirandaMods: international programme developed and organised by Professor Preston: Two sessions each day with a short keynote from Professor Preston

Wednesday 11th: Exploiting mobile technologies in learning

  • The classroom is not the only place for learning
  • Classroom practice in improving opportunities for at-risk learners

Thursday 12th: Tools for improving effective learning for vulnerable learners

  • Improving access to achievement using digital technologies (Part One)
  •  Parents, carers and the wider community supporting vulnerable learners (Part Two)

Friday 13th: Empowering students to harness the power of social  networking for learning

  • Using the social media to enhance learning communities for teachers and students

Friday 13th: World-wide educational innovation

  • Drawing on global experience in raising  the achievement of pupils who are not reaching their full learning potential  for senior managers

 Saturday 14th: Teachers taking charge of their own professional  learning

  • Designing effective continuing professional  development programme in digital technologies that promote real change

 Saturday 14th: One world: Developing global publishing opportunities  for teachers and their pupils in curriculum exchange projects

Details here http://www.mirandanet.org.uk/mirandamods/mirandamods-at-bett/bett12/

2011/2012 The Future of Learning

Series of MirandaMods at UoB, Polhill Campus. Bedford and Czech Technical University Prague http://www.mirandanet.org.uk/mirandamods/2011-2012/

Keynotes for the programme

2nd November Schools and schooling in the digital age

Ist March Integrating 21st century skills into the classroom

24 May Assessing the value of physical and virtual spaces in enriching learning

7 June (in Prague) What does the 21st century teacher need to know about digital technologies, and why?

5th July St Annes College, Oxford, Oxford

A MirandaMod introduction based on the keynote by Professor Marilyn Leask.

Using global communications e-tools to build our collective professional knowledge as well as the evidence base for policy and practice.

To be completed( email Christina@mirandanet.ac.uk for the presentations

St Hilda’s College Oxford, September 2012

BETT13, London January 30th – 2nd February

Education Innovation Show, Manchester March 9th 2013

Australia and New Zealand March 2013

Arnheim April 4th 3012