BYOD/BYOT: towards flipped classrooms?

Here is the latest MirandaNet research into BYOD/BYOT  presented in Arnhem, The Netherlands, April 4th, 2013.

Key questions that emerge from this study of threes schools are:

•How does the use of personal hotspots by pupils affect responsible use in the school?
•What are the best methods for engaging and motivating reluctant teachers to consider changes in their practice?
•What level of on-going support is needed: teacher pedagogical support, technical, student skills etc.
•What should be the balance between informal and formal CPD for teachers?
•How much should the teachers know about pedagogical theory in this area?
•What theories of project management are applicable in this school?
•What commitment should there be to Flipped Classrooms?
•What about Google and ownership of materials?
•What about the challenges in schools creating their own resources?
The rest of the presentation is Here