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Community Cohesion

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The background to the projects described in this section

Schools in the United Kingdom are currently under increasing pressure to create links with other agencies within the community. This is summarised on the Special Schools and Academies web site:

“The specialist schools programme has undergone its most significant change since 1997 with the publication of the latest DCSF guidance. Building on the 21st Century White Paper, the guidance stresses the importance of the outward facing school working in partnership with other institutions, the community and wider networks, to celebrate and develop excellent practice and to improve outcomes for all learners.”

NHS KingstonAccordingly, The Holy Cross School, New Malden, Surrey, has been working with various local groups to support this innovation. The following list of projects shows how these have been developed with NHS Kingston, Lambeth College, and Social Services groups. More will be added as they are completed.

Macular Disease SocietyCommunity Cohesion Projects

  1. Healthy Eating – the production of healthy eating recipes, for and by people with learning disabilities, using visual learning techniques. Commissioned by NHS Kingston. (Published by the “Journal of Assistive Technologies, Volume 3, Issue 1 March 2009)
  2. Keeping Safe – a DVD created for and by people with learning disabilities about personal safety. Commissioned by NHS Kingston. (Published by “Journal of Assistive Technologies, Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2010)
  3. Creating and using Interactive White Board Games – commissioned by Lambeth College
  4. Acquired Brain Injury – commissioned by Kingston Social Services
  5. International Links Paper given at the RITWIT Conference, Cambridge, 2009. Teaching English, using an interactive white board to Taiwanese students, on-line.

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