Teachers’ and Trainers’ Perspectives

Researching the outcomes of the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) ICT Teacher Training

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During late 2002 and 2003 a MirandaNet research team surveyed 1,000 teachers and visited 15 schools to evaluate the NOF ICT programme for teachers 1999-2003

Learning to use ICT in classrooms: teachers’ and trainers’ perspectives (Preston, C 2004 TTA/MirandaNet London)

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In Part Two : Emergent Trends the MirandaNet team have drawn together observations and practice from innovators and experts that may help to inform ICT programme designers in the future. These materials will provide discussion materials for advisers, teacher educators and staff facilitators.

Follow this link for a summary of the findings published in the TES February 04.

Here are a few of the research highlights from the report which includes a wide range of quotations from teachers, ATPs and policy makers.

The school culture and leadership

“The culture of the schools and the leaders' attitude was crucial to the success of the programme from the start.“

Improvements in training over the 3 years

“The training in our school had the effect of 'kick starting' much of the ICT work both as individuals and in class teaching. Without the training many teachers would still be frightened of ICT.”

“The programme showed a considerable degree of improvement, particularly in the last year, resulting in over 75% of teachers completing the training.“

“By the time of this MirandaNet survey the ATPs and the participants had made so many changes and adjustments in the programme that the measured data are significantly different from the data collected by earlier research

Inadequate access to ICTs

“Despite 12 UK government ICT initiatives since 1974, not enough teachers had adequate ICT tools and/or competence to make full use of the programme about the pedagogy of ICT."

The quality of the trainers

“Many ATPs had not anticipated the wide variety of skill levels of teachers.”

“The quality of the trainer was the factor most commented on, both in the negative and the positive comments.”

“One of the major factors in learning was the quality of the trainer. Many of them were highly praised.”

Blended learning

“Among the schools (ATPs explained that) there was an overwhelming preference for the face-to-face delivery model.”


“Over 290,000 teachers have completed their training which is a major achievement for the teachers, their schools and the trainers.”

“Evidence suggests that a large majority of teachers did make progress by making creative use of the opportunity offered.”

We welcome the voice of the teaching and training community in this research. Email if you have views you want to share.

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