Mobile Co-operative Game-based Learning with Moles

Authors: Thomas Winkler, IMIS / University of Luebeck, Germany; Martina Ide-Schoening, IQSH / Kiel, Germany Michael Herczeg, IMIS / University of Luebeck, Germany


In this paper we examine how 6th grade students independently develop and play a mobile co-operative game in their art course. The children are brought into the Middle Ages, where they deal emotionally and actively with historical artifacts in physical space in and around the museum. By integrating children’s day-to-day experiences in their digitally-saturated lives, particularly the common use of mobile devices, the conceptual design of the co-operative game fosters a further differentiation of the students’ aesthetical perceptions and actions. The students use the mobile learning system Moles to become aware of and have fun discovering ancient times. The attention of the project is to focus on the functions of creating and playing mobile learning games as an aesthetic learning process. Hence, the students reflect on traditional and digitalized assisted forms of media within historical contexts. The results of a step-by-step evaluation of artistic didactical approaches are presented and discussed.

Here is the link to the SITE 08 conference site, at which the paper was presented. The presentation is large – more than 10Mb – and I didn’t want to upload it. If anyone has problems accessing either the paper or the presentation, contact Tomas Winkler at:

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