Educators in Virtual Worlds on Open Sim – the pioneers…

Leon Cych has been exploring the use of virtual worlds in education for some time. Here he reflects on the impact this could have on the ways in which young people learn and work.

The future is here and it will serve the V Generation – the 5 year olds and upwards who currently use sites like Club Penguin and Disney Fairies and any number of the 200+ Virtual Worlds out there at home who will have much higher and more pronounced expectations of any future education system that they will enter and pass through in the next 10 – 15 years.

Global research firms such as Gartner have a very good understanding of how this use is beginning to work –

“Generation V is the recognition that general behavior, attitudes and interests are starting to blend together in an online environment.”

This series of posts is intended to be a comprehensive look at the use and development of Virtual Worlds on Open Source technologies in Schools.


Leon Cych is a web designer, coder, teacher, poet, artist, broadcaster, journalist and educationalist. He set up the nationwide poetry magazine – Poetry London Newsletter in the seventies. You can follow Leon on Twitter: @eyebeams, or his blog Learn4Life.